Finally Finals!

I can’t believe my chemistry final is tomorrow! I feel like this class has gone by so fast. But BOY will I be excited when its over.

Breakfast this morning was standard fair:

breakfast1Eggs and my regular smoothie:


breakfast2I had class today, but it was just a review session. After class I came home and relaxed a bit. Lunch was another salad:

lunch2Berries on a salad change everything.

salad4As does cheese.



lunch1After lunch, I piddled around a bit and then did some studying for my final. I feel like there are some concepts I’m really clear on, but there are definitely some others I’m a little worried about. My exam isn’t until the afternoon, so I have a lot of time to finalize things. We also get a BIG notecard to write on, so I’m going to have plenty of notes to help me out.

Dinner was prepared by Allen!

dinner1Well…sort of. He cooked the pizza and the garlic bread in the oven.

breadAnd I threw together another simple salad.

salad3Tonight there is baseball, so I’ll be watching that and going over some chemistry. Tomorrow is the exam and packing and I’m heading home on Thursday!


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