Change of Plans

My morning didn’t really go as planned, but my day turned out pretty good.

I slept in until 7:30 because I was up a little later than usual, and I got up to the news that Princess Kate was a labor! I’m not sure why I am so interested in all this royal baby business, but I do think it’s kind of fun.

I spent my morning doing nothing and didn’t get into the shower until 8:30! I had to make a very quick breakfast:

smoothie1Smoothie in a bowl! Topped with coconut butter. This is the first one I’ve had all summer! This had blueberries, raspberries and strawberries and oats for a bit of bulk.

For lunch, I threw together a salad but I didn’t take a photo because I didn’t have time. I headed to my car to get to school only to find out my battery was DEAD! I had to call AAA and wait for them to come.

I missed class and spent 30 minutes driving my car around Columbia to charge the battery. But luckily my professor was really nice and let me turn in my homework later in the day. I went up to school and ate lunch.

We had lab today, but no experiments…just a recitation/study hour and a quick “clean up the lab” session before we were released!

I was good and headed to the library after class! I got a lot of work done and went home around 5 after a quick trip to the grocery store.

Dinner tonight was so simple:

dinner1Loving baked potatoes right now! This one was topped with chili and cheese:

tater2I picked up a can of vegetarian chili at the grocery store and heated it up on the stove.

tater1Salad on the side:



dinner2Tonight Allen and I are hanging out and watching Under the Dome. No baseball for the billionth Monday in a row…but the Cards are back at it tomorrow!


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