Sunday Relaxation

It was my last Sunday in the apartment for the summer, which is a big bummer! I have had a great time this summer.

So I had a good Sunday morning breakfast in honor of it being the last one:

breakfast1Cinnamon rolls! Yes, from a can, but it’s easy and still pretty darn delicious.

cinnamon rollsEggs on the side:
eggsAnd fresh summer strawberries. So sweet and juicy:

berriesCoffee pairs perfectly with cinnamon rolls.

coffeeAfter breakfast and some Sunday morning lethargy, I got some homework done on my own before heading up to campus to do some work with my professor. I’m SO glad I did…it helped a ton.

Lunch was late because I was on campus until 1:45. Salad and toast again!

lunch1This salad was one of the best yet! I’m LOVING having all of my salad ingredients ready to go and throw onto some lettuce for a quick meal. I wish I’d thought of this earlier in the summer…

salad2Today’s salad had wheat berries, crisp apple, green pepper, carrots and celery, onion, hard boiled egg and blackberries!

And toast with brie on the side:


salad1I spent the afternoon watching baseball and hanging out with Allen and finishing my homework! Dinner was just a bean burrito from Taco Bell because I wanted to get my homework done before 8 p.m. when Food Network Star started.

I was successful! Homework is done. My night is going to be relaxing. And there are brownies in the kitchen. Perfect.


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