Cooling Off

Another Saturday, come and gone…but man it was a good one! I woke up this morning after the most incredible night’s sleep…no morning grogginess at all! It was awesome. I got up and had a cup of tea and just relaxed. I was in no rush at all.

I had a light breakfast this morning:

breakfast1Tasty cereal combo of vanilla Chex and bran flakes:

cerealAnd some yummy berries!

berriesAfter breakfast, I watched some weekend Food Network and HGTV before going out for a run! I didn’t get out onto the trail until 11, so it was hot and humid, but I did a 3 mile run nice and slooooow, with a little bit of walking thrown in for good measure.

After my run, I showered and then threw lunch together. With all of my salad ingredients ready to go, it makes it SO incredibly easy for me to throw them together.

lunch2THIS salad may have been better than last night’s salad.

salad1Carrots, celery, ‘shrooms, apple and onion over lettuce.

salad2Topped with a hard boiled egg for protein, and dressed with lemon juice, olive oil, honey and salt and pepper.

cheeseOn the side I had a slice of toast with some creamy brie cheese. OMG.

Soda water and lemonade to drink:



lunch1Quite the satisfying lunch!

After lunch, Allen and I headed out for another shopping trip! This time, we went to the mall to check out washers and dryers. Allen’s new apartment doesn’t have them, so he needs to buy some in the next few weeks. Today he was just browsing to see what was out there.

We went to Pier One first to look for lamps for his new room, but couldn’t find anything he liked. Then we hit up Sears to see the washers and dryers. After that we browsed Target for a bit before heading to the pretzel place at the mall.

I was craving a pretzel, but the place at the mall didn’t have any ready! I was really bummed, until Allen suggested we got to Sam’s and get pretzels. He just got a membership a few weeks ago. BOY was that a good idea! The pretzels there were $.99 each. MUCH cheaper and still satisfied my pretzel craving.

We walked around Sam’s for a while and I made a mental note of all of the awesome stuff I can buy there during the year since Allen has a membership: A giant jar of almond butter, Nutella and almonds for snacking. I just love looking at all the BIG STUFF they have at Sam’s.

After our shopping trip, we made our way home. It was SO HOT in the car and coming in and out of the stores. This called for…yes, you guessed it…another salad.

salad3But this time I cooked something for it! I made a batch of wheatberries to throw on top of my salads for the rest of the week.

salad5This salad had blackberries and strawberries, wheatberries, feta cheese, onion, carrots and celery and was dressed with a dijon-maple-apple cider vinaigrette. YES.

salad4For the rest of the night we’ll be watching baseball and I’m going to run to the store to get some cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow…random craving that must be satisfied!


3 thoughts on “Cooling Off

  1. Great post. Love the pics and writing. Plus, I was excited to see you make lemon ish drink. I did an entire post and made a vine about homemade healthy lemonade in mason jars. Never seen it with soda water though. You have a soda water machine?

    • Thanks for stopping by! I use a Soda Stream to make carbonated water, which is a lot easier than buying bottles of club soda at the grocery store! I do 2/3-3/4 water to 1/3 to 1/4 lemonade. I love the bubbles!

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