Salad Days

It’s hot here. Like, seriously HOT. Summer and I don’t get along too well and this is precisely the reason.

The heat and humidity has me sweating during the walk from my apartment to my car (hint: it’s not that long). I am thirsty and groggy and cranky. General lethargy and a disdain for all things warm, and I’ve got only one solution: no-cook meals.

salad1So tonight I started off with a bang and a fridge full of salad ingredients. I chopped up carrots, celery, red onion, bell pepper and crisp apple, all ready for throwing on top of salads.

salad5I also hard-boiled some eggs for easy salad making.

salad3Man, this salad really hit the spot.

salad2I dressed it with olive oil, lemon juice, honey and salt and pepper. Crunchy, crisp, hydrating and, best of all, COLD.

salad4I think we’ll be seeing a lot more salads in the next few days.


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