Brie, Apple and Arugula Panini

I picked up some arugula at the farmer’s market this weekend, but I didn’t really have anything planned for it. It sat in the fridge for a few days until I was inspired yesterday to throw together a lunchtime sammie.

ingredientsSome bread, creamy brie cheese, spicy arugula and crisp apple, all together in a warm melty panini. Perfect.

I made my panini in a sandwich press, but you could easily do it in a pan. Start by adding some sliced brie onto the bread:

cheeseThen pile on thin apple slices and arugula:

toppingsDon’t worry about the sandwich being unstable. Things will stick together once you press it down.

Ok, ready for the press?

sandwichesPut the sandwiches into a sandwich press or a hot pan. If using a pan, cover another skillet with aluminum foil and place on top of the sandwiches. Add a weight of some sort: cans, a brick, whatever you have around. When one side of the panini is browned, flip and weight down again to brown the other side.

panini2Enjoy the melty, creamy cheese:

panini3My favorite part is the apple. It adds that sweet-tart element that pairs perfectly with the rich brie cheese. I’d add extra apple if I were you.

Brie, Apple and Arugula Panini


panini1Makes two sandwiches


Brie cheese

1 Granny Smith apple


4 slices of crusty bread

Assemble the sandwiches by layering slices of brie onto two slices of bread. Top with thinly sliced Granny Smith apple and arugula and add the other slices of bread.

Place the sandwiches into a sandwich press and cook until browned. If using a pan, place the sandwiches into a hot skillet. Cover another skillet with aluminum foil (for easy cleanup) and weight the panini down with cans or a brick. Flip when the first side is browned to brown the other side.

Enjoy while the cheese is still hot and melty!


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