Sweet Potato for Dinner

I really love potatoes. They’re one of the most versatile foods around: seriously, you can do anything with the blank canvas of the potato.

That was what I did tonight with no real dinner plans and a sweet potato in the pantry. So I started by throwing it in the oven while I pieced the rest of the meal together.

Here’s the formula: bakes white or sweet potato + vegetable + protein + extras. The possibilities are endless, although slightly hindered by your own kitchen pantry. As for the extras, I’d suggest yogurt, sour cream, green onions, cheese, salsa, jalapenos…whatever you like and have around.

tater1I started out with my vegetable: I had some broccoli that was about to see its last days, so I boiled it and then chopped it up:

broccoliFor protein, I used about a half cup of precooked black beans I had in the fridge:

beansInto a pan, I sweated a clove of garlic and then heated up the beans:

beans2I salted the beans and then added the cooked broccoli:

broc2Once this mixture was warmed through, I mixed up some yogurt with green onion:

yogurtAnd it was time to assemble. Split the potato in half:

tater2Add some yogurt:

tater3And top with the broccoli-and-bean mixture and shredded cheese:



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