Colorful Eats

Today was full of colorful foods! I was up at 7 and started my day with a tasty breakfast:

breakfast1Scrambled eggs! Hooray for protein and vitamin B-12!

eggsAnd a recreation of yesterday’s delicious smoothie:

smoothieIt was the same mix: strawberries, peaches, mango and orange juice and almond milk.

Iced coffee:

coffeeAfter breakfast, I got ready and headed up to school. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with this chemistry unit…it’s hard AND I missed class on Monday to go to the dermatologist…yikes. I’m struggling!

After class, I came home and made lunch. I’ve been meaning to throw this together forever!

lunch1Sweet and sour tempeh! It was dee-licious.

lunch2I used this recipe from Oh My Veggies. The sauce was really good!

lunch3After lunch, I did some chemistry homework. The homework for this unit is SUPER long! 11 pages! And that’s not including the bookwork. Ugh.

I had a snack of popcorn with nutritional yeast and tea before throwing together this beautiful salad:

dinner1This was, of course, an Oh She Glows salad recipe. She never fails. This was my first time trying wheat berries!

dinner3I can tell you they are TASTY. Chewy and nutty, they’re the perfect compliment to this fruity salad. Blueberries, strawberries and the perfect peach. YES.

dinner2The really surprising part of this dish was the cinnamon maple dressing. I’ve never thought to add cinnamon to my salad dressing, but it really added something special and compliments the fruit really well.

I’m going to recreate this salad for lunch tomorrow because I have enough wheat berries left. I’m also going to throw together some overnight oats because I’ve got the time tonight…hopefully it’ll make things go smoothly tomorrow morning so I can get this chem homework done!


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