Afternoon Eats

I had a fun afternoon and evening with lots of good eating! Starting around 3 p.m. with some dessert with my friend Megan. She spent the first month of her summer in Peru doing research in the jungle, so it was really great to both be in St. Louis at the same time.

We spent our afternoon at La Bonne Bouchée and had some tasty treats!

They served us bread before we ordered. It’s the best French bread rolls that just fall apart as you butter them:


We both ordered iced coffees:

coffeeAnd split this fabulous raspberry tart:

tartThe crust had a nice cinnamon flavor, and the raspberries were placed on top of a mound of delicious pastry cream. It’s one of my favorite desserts there.

I also ordered a chocolate biscotti:

biscottiAnd Megan had a piece of carrot cake:

cakeAfter our afternoon snack, I met my family at Pi Pizzaria for dinner. We were celebrating my dad’s birthday, which is on Monday.

My brother Ryan was ready to party:

ryanI ordered a thin-crust pizza with arugula and caramelized onions:


pizza2Tonight we’re watching Hyde Park on Hudson. Tomorrow morning are Wimbledon mens’ finals! And then I’m heading back to Columbia. Can’t believe the weekend is almost over!



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