Losing Focus

Even though it’s only a four-day weekend, this break coming up feels so big! I’m having a lot of trouble getting anything else done because I’m so excited! Especially because there’s no lab tomorrow…nothing due!

This morning was a pretty relaxing. I was in no rush to get to campus early. I had leftover rice pudding for breakfast!

breakfast1Still tasty a few days later:

riceAnd coffee on the side:

coffeeClass was rough today. I just can’t focus! But I really need to because we have a quiz tomorrow! More on that later…

After class, I went to Wal-Mart for an eye appointment. I wanted to test out their new Equate brand  daily contacts because they are $8 cheaper per month than the Bausch and Lomb Dailies I wear right now.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way daily contacts make my eyes feel (no contact trauma ever!). The doctor upped my prescription in the right eye, which is really weird but I’m getting used to it and I think it’s better. I can actually see the tiny TV in my bedroom so that’s an improvement.

After the eye doctor, I came home for a quick lunch:

lunch1Black bean quesadilla!

quesadillaAnd some tasty tasty green beans:

green beans


lunch2I had plans for the afternoon, which included some studying and a short run, but everything got derailed by reading. Today turned out to be one of those “stay in bed and read all afternoon” days. I’m hooked on “Triathlon for the Every Woman” by Swim Bike Mom (AKA Meredith Atwood.)

I’d really like to try a triathlon someday, and her book is really convincing! Not to mention hilarious. I spent a few hours today devouring it.

Dinner tonight was executed as planned, but I wish I hadn’t planned it. I made this “cozy millet bowl” from Oh She Glows. I used brown rice, but BOY OH BOY I made this in the wrong season.

dinner1It was pretty tasty in flavor, but totally wrong in season. I shall attempt this again in the winter.

shroomsThe watermelon brought me back to summer.

watermelonTonight there is a baseball game on WAY too late (I’m already sleepy. Blah.) and tomorrow I have class and then I’m heading home for the 4th of July! We’ve got big plans that involve lots of delicious foods, and of course a RACE in the morning. Wahoo!


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