A Big Bite of Summer

Wow, today was a really great day! I’m so glad I’m out of the funk I was in last week. I am ENERGIZED and feeling awesome.

This morning I was up at 7 and had to use up some of that kale I bought at the farmers’ market. What better way than to use it in a smoothie for breakfast!

breakfast1Yes, this was a delicious smoothie:

smoothieWhat’s that you say? The color offends you? Good thing I didn’t make it for YOU. In the mix was a banana, some almond butter, kale, almond milk, hemp protein powder and flax seed. Yum!

On the side was some toast with peach-apricot jam from the farmers’ market:

toastClass was fine today and I had a pretty tasty lunch as well:

lunch1Chickpea salad thrown together at the last minute:

saladAnd plenty of fresh fruit! And a carrot I didn’t actually eat…

fruitAnd almonds packed as a snack:

almondsAfter lunch was lab, which I was dreading, but once it was over, I was SO HAPPY. No lab until next Monday! And the weather today was beautiful! I was so energized and ready for my workout.

Today I did weights and then a run, which wasn’t planned but I just couldn’t let the beautiful weather pass me by.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 8.25.35 PMIn case you were wondering, doing squats and then running up a huge hill does not feel good on your butt!

Dinner tonight was really delicious! And basically hand-delivered from summer herself. YES. It was amazing.

dinner2Barbecue tofu! I bought the KC Masterpiece Spicy Sauce and I really like it! So much better than their original sweet stuff.

tofuOn the side, green beans from the farmers’ market!

green beansTossed with butter and salt. YUM. And some corn on the cob.

cornAnd of course, a baked tater! With garlic, butter and yogurt. Perfection.



dinner1Right now Allen and I are in the process of making chocolate-peanut butter popcorn to snack on while we watch Under the Dome! Can’t wait!


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