Taking a Break

Sometimes, in life, you need a break, and this week I needed one from running. I’ve never been one for summer running, but I’ve tried to embrace it this year and I’ve struggled with the heat and humidity and early morning runs.

So this week, I just took a break. I only ran once from Monday through Friday, on Wednesday, and the rest of the week I just didn’t. I spent my time on the couch and studying. I did some yoga. I went to bed early and slept in.

It wasn’t planned that way, but as the week went on, I just didn’t feel the need to drag myself out the door and onto the trail.

And I’m totally ok with that. I’ve been tired and sluggish in the mornings instead of energized. My legs have been heavy. My appetite has been all over the place. I just needed a time out and wasn’t motivated to squeeze my workouts in before class or run in the heat of mid-morning or afternoon.

This next week, the temperatures aren’t going to be as high, and I’ve only got a few days of school. I’ve got runs planned for the next few days, tentatively. Here’s whats on my agenda:

Saturday: 5 mile easy run in the mid-morning

Sunday: 5×400 repeats

Monday: Strength work and yoga

Tuesday: 3 miles easy and yoga

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 4th of July 5K race!

Since I’m racing in a week, I’m not sure how my time off is going to affect me. Of course I always like to be competitive, and when I signed up for the race I pumped for another race, but it will be interesting to see if taking a week off when I realized I needed it will help me (since I avoided overtraining) or hurt me.

Part of taking a break and recognizing that you need one is letting go of my competitive fire. So when I race on July 4, I’ll be running as best I can, but I will be proud of my finish no matter what. Yes, I realize it’s just a silly 5K race and I didn’t even train for it specifically, but it’s a big deal for me to not build it up in my head. I like to win medals!

Anyways, that’s where I’m at right now with my running. I’ll post again tomorrow and share what I was up to yesterday and today and then I’ll get back into my regularly scheduled programming. Thanks for reading!


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