I’ve taken two rest days in a row, and it feels really good! After my run on Sunday, I was wiped and my legs were tired. I knew my rest day on Monday would be a nice break, but I decided I needed another good day of rest.

So this morning, I was up at 7 and lounged around for a bit before making breakfast:

breakfast1I’m not really sure if my appetite is decreased because of two days off (that seems a little extreme!) but I was not very hungry today.

toastI didn’t finish both slices of toast.

grapesOr all of my grapes.

eggsBut I did eat all of my eggs!

coffeeAnd finished my coffee.

breakfast2I have an exam in two days, and I’m a little worried about it! We reviewed in class today and it helped, and I also stopped by office hours, but there were so many people there (my professor teaches three chemistry classes over the summer!) that I didn’t stay long.

After office hours, I headed home to make lunch:

lunch1I made veggie burgers on Sunday night and froze three of them to use as easy meals. I used this Oh She Glows recipe, which I will say is a bit complicated (there are a lot of components), but if you make enough to freeze, it’s totally worth it!

burgerMine wasn’t served vegan today though: I topped it with mozzarella cheese. Other toppings included pickles and ketchup:

toppingsOn the side I had a big cup of leftover carrot-apple-ginger soup. It stayed perfectly fresh in the fridge…it may have even gotten better!

soupAfter lunch, I somehow convinced myself to get back to campus for some more studying. I did a practice test and actually did pretty well! Then I came home and took a short nap before a 30-minute yoga session.

Today I did “Yoga for Athletes”, which I selected solely because it included pigeon pose, which is my favorite stretch! It stretches the piriformis muscle, which gets tons of use but very little reward…I do pigeon pose every day when I stretch.

This yoga practice was really great! It hit all of my sore muscles. In fact, I probably could’ve done it twice! Definitely a good thing for a rest day.

Dinner tonight was coconut-curry baked tofu, another super-simple recipe.

tofu2I dipped it into ketchup spiked with fresh lime juice and curry powder. Yum!

tofu1With a baked potato on the side:

taterI also made a mango-mint smoothie, but I just wasn’t that hungry so I saved it for later.

dinner1Tonight I’m hoping I get some good sleep because I’m planning to get up and run tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll get in weights and a 3-mile run…we’ll see how it goes!



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