Farmers’ Market Finds

Happy Saturday! It’s been another good one for me. I’m finding there are a few things that make a Saturday feel great: a trip to the farmers’ market, a good workout, bagels and a nice fat nap. I had all of these today!

This morning I was up around 7:30 because I wanted to go to the Columbia Farmers’ Market early. Last week we went around 10:30 and found plenty of goodies, but I wanted to see what they had earlier. 

Breakfast was in the fridge overnight:

oatmealOvernight oats! I threw these together last night: one deliciously ripe mango, a banana, coconut made appearances to my regular overnight oat mix of rolled oats, plain yogurt, soymilk and chia seeds. 

breakfast1The mango I had was absolutely perfect. There is nothing better than a ripe mango!

oatmeal2I also had some coffee to drink:


breakfast2We headed to the farmers’ market around 8:30, and arrived in plenty of time to get some extra good stuff. I picked up a pint of blueberries that I’m particularly excited about!

berries1Look how big these guys are!

blueberries1I store them in a mason jar in the fridge without washing them so they’ll stay fresh! 

blueberries2I also got some lettuce for salads. This week I bought a head of lettuce as opposed to a bag, because I haven’t been eating the whole mixed bags. 

lettuce1I washed these and then set them out on a dish towel to air dry. 

lettuce2I learned about this method from an article on The Kitchn, and I think it’s pretty neat: when you’re ready to put them in the fridge, just roll up the towel and secure with rubber bands (I use hair ties) on each end. So easy!

Finally, this beautiful and ginormous bunch of fresh mint for only $1! Score. 

mintI’ve been sipping on mint-infused water for a few days to use up the last of my mint from last week, and it’s really tasty! I just leave a pitcher in the fridge with some mint leaves. 

After we got back from the farmers’ market, I set out for my workout. I did weights at the apartment gym and then drove to the trail for a two-mile run. I had all but convinced myself to skip my run while I was doing weights, but somehow I made it into my car and out to the trail. 

I stretched and showered and then we got bagels for lunch!

bagel2I switched it up today and got a white pizza bagel with veggies:

pizzaI got it on a sun-dried tomato bagel. It was delicious! The bagel flavor added a lot of zest to the pizza. 

I also had a chocolate chip bagel with strawberry cream cheese:

bagel1After lunch, we did some more grocery shopping at HyVee and Walmart and then finally headed home. I spent a few hours relaxing and napping before another Saturday expedition: frozen yogurt!

froyoI’ve been craving this stuff like crazy, so we went downtown to YogoLuv. I got tart with a little vanilla and topped it with coconut and crushed Reese’s cups. SO. GOOD. 

After yogurt, I hunkered down and did some homework. I didn’t have much to do, but I got most of my homework assignment done and have plans to do some flashcards while I watch baseball. 

Dinner tonight was pretty low-key, but tasty! 

dinner2Barbecue tofu! This is super simple: just pressed tofu pan-fried for about 5 minutes on each side, and then tossed in barbecue sauce. 

tofuAnd a baked ‘tater on the side with yogurt and scallions. 

taterFarmers’ Market salad on the side!


dinner1Tonight is the usual: baseball! I’m running long tomorrow so I’m going to try to go to bed early so I don’t have to run in the heat. Happy Saturday! 



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