Three Square Smoothies

I didn’t plan it, or even realize it until dinner, but I had three smoothies today. Oops.

Breakfast this morning was, you guessed it, a smoothie:

breakfast2A mango, peach and mint smoothie. Quite the tasty combination:

smoothieAnd toast with jam:

toastIced coffee, leftover from yesterday:



breakfast1After breakfast I got ready for class. I got to school a bit early today so I could ask my professor a question about my exam. I ended up getting some points back!

Class went well, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of this new material. We had a quiz and I missed a few, but nothing to be worried about.

After class I went to the apartment gym for my workout: weights! I’m really starting to *gasp* enjoy my weight training. Today I upped the weight again and felt so strong! I did a mile on the treadmill as a cool down.

For lunch I made a tasty spread:

lunch1Black bean quesadilla:

quesadillaAnd sauteed broccoli with garlic, mirin and soy sauce:

broccoliAnd a banana smoothie! This was just a banana, soy milk, ice and cinnamon. It was very refreshing!



lunch2After lunch, I took a shower and a nap. I did not have a very strenuous afternoon. I DID have to take a second shower because the shampoo didn’t wash out of my hair! The water here is hard AND the water pressure in my shower sucks, so I have to use a clarifying shampoo every few days to get rid of the buildup from my regular shampoo since it doesn’t all get washed out. Obviously four days is too many to wait.

For dinner I used up a lot of the stuff in my fridge:

dinner2I used the leftover pesto and white beans and mixed them with quinoa, toasted sunflower seeds and chopped tomato:

quinoaI also used the pesto for my broiled tomatoes, which were really delicious! I just cut it in half, topped each half with pesto and bread crumbs and put it under the broiler for a few minutes. The bread crumbs ended up browning too quickly so I moved the tomatoes to the bottom rack and let them cook for longer.



dinner1To drink, I had some lemonade with fresh mint! So good.

lemonadeI was still kind of hungry after dinner, so I had another smoothie. This one was spot-on: strawberry, pineapple, orange juice and yogurt. YUM.

smoothie3All in all, it was a good day in smoothies! Now I’m going to relax and watch baseball and the end of the USA Track and Field Championships women’s 10,000m race! Shalane Flanagen is kicking butt!


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