Monday’s Messy Meals

Another Monday come and gone, but I don’t mind. It was a long day!

I was up at 7 this morning and had to pull myself out of bed…I didn’t sleep well last night and woke up several times, which is unusual.

Breakfast was inspired by this tasty tray of leftover granola bits:

granolaUsed on the top of some overnight oats!

breakfast2I just made simple banana overnight oats and topped them with the delicious granola bar crumbs.





breakfast1After breakfast, I got ready to go to school. Lunch was packed:

lunch2Plenty of food to get my through the day. For lunch I made this garbanzo bean salad from Daily Garnish. It had plenty of mint and golden raisins (I added extra!) and was really refreshing.

chickpeasI ate the chickpea salad on top of some salad greens.

salad1Leftover potato salad:

tatersFor snacks, I packed grapes that were deeee-licious.

grapesAnd of course, a granola bar.



lunch1I got to campus a little early to pick up my chemistry test from my professor. I went over the key and even found an extra point! It was a good way to start my day.

The rest of my day went smoothly: class, lunch, recitation and lab. Even though lab is long, I kind of like it. It’s basically hands-on problem solving, and it’s really rewarding when you get done with all of the steps and find the right answer.

After lab, I got through the first half of the next chapter of bookwork and then called it a day. Dinner was calling!

dinner1This is a beautiful plate of food. Let’s all just take a minute to enjoy these:

dinner2The recipe was for crispy tofu sandwiches with ginger peanut sauce from Oh My Veggies. Oh MY was this tasty. I actually ended up eating it like an open-faced sandwich because my pita bread wouldn’t open. It was messier than anticipated, but still delicious.

dinner3Speaking of messy, my dessert tonight was VERY messy but VERY rewarding. I love making s’mores in the oven using the broiler, and I had an inspiration for a new variation: apple peanut butter s’mores. This was so good! The chocolate and marshmallow helped it maintain its normal s’mores vibe while the apple added a nice crunch and the peanut butter was surprising!

smore1But it was so messy. I had chocolate all over my face. I have no regrets.

Tonight we are watching baseball after a slight rain delay in St. Louis and then I’m heading to sleep. Might get up early tomorrow and run, might run after class. Who knows?!


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