Simple Sunday

For the first time in a few weeks, I got to really have a relaxing weekend. I got everything done that I wanted to but without feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and with plenty of downtime.

I slept in until a little after 8 and then made myself a good breakfast:

breakfast1Scrambled eggs with a little mozzarella cheese:


toastAnd a not-so-juicy orange:

orangeCoffee to drink:



breakfast2After breakfast, I lounged around for a bit and then went to the exercise room for some strength work. My strength routine is getting better every time I do it! I’m getting through it more easily and I upped the weights on some of the moves. For someone who has never made strength a priority, this feels really good!

I also rode on the bike for about 10 minutes for my post-strength workout. I like to do a little cardio to help my legs with recovery.

After my workout, I stretched and showered and threw together some leftovers for lunch:

lunch1Mexican rice from last week…still good!

beansAnd refried beans. Also still good.

Salad on the side:


lunch2Yum! After lunch, I started on my weekly meal prep. I cooked up some chickpeas and great northern beans for meals this week, and prepared another batch of hummus. Allen and I also made granola bars. We’re getting closer to the perfect bar: the flavor is there but the bars are still more crumbly than we’d like, so we’ll have to work on that.

In between all of this cooking, I had a nice snack of dark chocolate covered almonds and green tea:



My white beans went into my dinner tonight: pasta with pesto, peas and white beans.

pasta1The pesto today was spot-on, likely from the delicious basil I picked up at the farmer’s market. I made a little extra for some recipes later on this week.

pasta2The pasta recipe was also doubled for a later meal. Yay leftovers!

Dessert tonight was a treat from Andy’s Frozen Custard! I got a banana concrete and now I am STUFFED.

custardTonight I’m gonna get organized for the week and then get some sleep. Ready to conquer another week!


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