Test Day

Today was a sort of busy Thursday, as it was a test day and I drove all the way to St. Louis! I started my day at 6:45 and made some fuel for my exam:

breakfast2Whipped banana oats on the stovetop topped with buckwheat groats and Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. Yum!

oatsAnd iced coffee. I’m still not quite sure what to do about the coffee to water ratio. The first two times it was too strong and then it was too weak…I didn’t like it. But I will keep trying!



breakfast1After breakfast, I packed my stuff to go home and packed a lunch to take with me:

bento1Leftover tofu salad. Still good a few days old!

tofuI also packed veggies and strawberries but I didn’t end up eating them. 

I got to campus a little early and reviewed for my exam. My test went well, and there were two problems I had trouble with, but other than that I’m really happy. 

The drive home was booooring and long. I’m sick of going back and forth between Columbia and St. Louis! Luckily I won’t have to make the drive again until the 4th of July weekend. 

I watched the Cardinals game this afternoon and just lounged around…my day was really uneventful. We went out to dinner for Father’s Day since I won’t be there this weekend. We went to California Pizza Kitchen!

I got a new spring salad that had kale, peas, radishes, raisins and walnuts with a mint-honey yogurt dressing. It was good!

saladAnd I also got a pizza: wild mushroom.

pizzaThe mushrooms were yummy but the crust at CPK is sweeter, and I didn’t like it that much with the mushrooms. 

For dessert, we had pies from a new pie store: Pie Oh My. We had an assortment, and I tried two of them:

pieOn the upper-lefthand corner is the Oatmeal Maple Walnut, which was REALLY good. And in the lower righthand corner is the butterscotch, which wasn’t quite as good. It didn’t have as much flavor. 

Tonight we are watching basketball, and then I’m gonna get some sleep. Tomorrow I’m going to run at the park in the morning. I haven’t run since Tuesday and I’m ready to get back out there!


One thought on “Test Day

  1. Oh my heavens… that mushroom pizza and those little pies… toooo good!
    I never have been able to like iced coffee (well, now that I think about it, have ever had Vietnamese iced coffee? It’s super strong, and sweet, and I think that it has condensed milk in it– I had it at MeKong on South Grand once… now THAT was good.)
    I used to drive between Columbia and St. Louis EVERY weekend! I worked in St. Louis at Chesterfield Mall on Saturdays. Lots of driving.

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