Up Early

Another day, another early morning workout. Luckily tomorrow (if I do it) is my last one for at least a week. Hooray!

This morning I was up at 6 and out the door by 6:20. I did weights today but decided to skip the run because it was already SO HOT and humid outside. I’m just not ready to dive head-first into summer running.

After my run, I stretched and had breakfast:

breakfast2Peanut butter toast!

toast365 Peanut Butter with some honey. Yum! And a strange nectarine:

nectarineIt was sort of mealy? I don’t know. It smelled good and had pretty good flavor but the then it left a chalky taste in my mouth. Weird.

And coffee:


breakfast1After breakfast, I showered and milled around for a while before heading to class. We had a shorter class than usual because we have our first exam tomorrow!

Lunch was split between eating and finishing my post-lab. I packed leftovers into the bento today:

bento1Rice and beans! Still delicious heated up as leftovers:

rice and beansAnd hummus and veggie dippers:

veggiesAfter lunch, we had a short “lab” at the Medical School…it was supposed to be a tour but it was really a presentation. Luckily it was short and we got out much earlier than we would on a normal lab day. I studied for the test in the Health Sciences library for a while, but ended up leaving because one of the librarians was moving books around and was VERY LOUD. Even in the quiet section! Annoying.

I came home and relaxed a bit before finishing up the last of my studying. Snack:

snackToast with avocado and white cheddar cheese. It was tasty!

Dinner tonight, for the first time in a while, was not so good.

dinnerI made beans and greens, and was not impressed. I just don’t like dark, leafy greens. I can do spinach and kale, but that’s it. These were collard greens:

greensToo bitter! Not for me.

This baked potato was good at least:

potatoI topped it with yogurt mixed with a lemon-garlic vinaigrette.

potatoSince I didn’t eat much of my dinner, I made a strawberry-banana smoothie to heal the wound:

smoothieTonight is the usual baseball-watching. I’ll be going to bed early, but not sure if I’m going to run tomorrow morning or not. We shall see!


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