A Birthday Party

Saturday has come and gone, but it’s been a good day! Started early with some tennis…

…French Open tennis, that is. This morning was the women’s finals, so I was up around 7:30 to make breakfast. Pancakes today!

breakfast1I had quite the spread. I used Trader Joe’s whole grain pancake mix:

pancakesWith some strawberries for topping:

berriesAnd a side of scrambled eggs with some mozzarella cheese.

eggsIced coffee:



breakfast2Breakfast and the rest of my morning was leisurely, spent relaxing and watching tennis. The match ran just a bit longer than I expected, so I decided to scratch my workout for the day and get ready to head home. 

I came home this afternoon to celebrate a birthday! My best friend Hannah’s dad turned 50 this year and today was his birthday celebration. His birthday is actually the same day as mine (March 29!!) but they waited to have the party until the weather was nicer.

signI got home around 2:30 and since I didn’t eat lunch before I left, I had a small snack:

lunch1English muffin with peanut butter and an orange. 

I was excited about the party because Hannah came in from Montana! I don’t get to see her often so it was a good treat:

hannahDinner was barbecue from Pappy’s Smokehouse. I’d never had their food before but it was tasty!

dinner1I had a pulled pork sandwich:

porkWith the hot barbecue sauce:

sauceThe coleslaw was really good! It was vinegar-based (as opposed to mayo-based) and perfectly tangy.

slawAnd some potato salad:

potatoesFor dessert we had some fun pig cookies! 

pigsHand-made and decorated by Hannah’s brother’s girlfriend. They were delicious! I chose a face, but there were also butts…

cookiesHannah’s mom enjoyed a cookie:

marthaIt was so nice to see Hannah and her family:

billandhannahTonight I’m spending some time with MY family and watching baseball. Tomorrow morning I’ll be doing weights/running, watching the French Open and then heading back to Columbia! 


One thought on “A Birthday Party

  1. It was so great to see you and your parents! Glad you and Hannah got to spend some time together. And nice photos too!

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