Early Weekend

I can’t believe the week is almost over! Technically my weekend has already started but I’m not counting it because I still have work to do on Fridays and the weekends.

This morning I was up at 7 a.m. ready to face the day because I knew breakfast was already ready for me!

breakfast1Overnight oats! Oh how I’ve missed you.

oatsI used half of a banana, a mango and my homemade almond milk to make this mix DE-LICIOUS.

oats2And more of my iced coffee. I saved the leftovers from yesterday. Gotta make more!

coffeeBreakfast in jars:

breakfast2I got moving pretty quickly and got to campus around 8:40. I was hunkered down in the library by 8:45 and got some good work in before class.

Lecture today was a little stressful, as we were covering some topics I wasn’t familiar with very quickly. I was struggling to understand and write down all of the information! Luckily today’s lecture wasn’t on the quiz, which I did well on.

After class, I headed back home and got ready to go running. I had a 30-minute tempo on the schedule for today:

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 8.02.03 PMI did my usual 5 minutes slow, 5 minutes moderate, 10 minutes tempo, 5 minutes moderate and 5 minute cool-down. My run was challenging, which was good because I haven’t run fast since my race. Working on that maintenance!

After my run I stretched and made lunch. Black bean quesadilla again!

lunch2Yum yum yum:

quesadillaGuacamole on the side:

guacIced rooibos on the side:



lunch1After lunch, I showered and took a nice long nap. When I woke up I did a bit more studying and tried to clear up the confusing stuff from lecture. Then I called it a night!

Dinner was a tasty answer to a baked potato craving:

dinner2Baked potato topped with butter, plain yogurt (no use messing with Greek yogurt when you can just use plain) and scallions:

taterAnd tempeh with Sienna Sauce, which is basically a simple vegetarian gravy.

tempehAnd green beans!

green beansYum. Satisfying.

dinner1Tonight we are watching baseball and basketball and just chilling out. Tomorrow I’m going to get up early to watch the French Open! Nadal and Djokovic are playing. Can’t wait!


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