Get-Ahead Day

Today was a day of cooking for the week! I had a lot of fun recipes to try this week, so I decided to make them today so I would have them to enjoy throughout the week.

I started by cooking a big batch of dried chickpeas. I soaked them overnight and cooked them on the stove for about 2 hours:

chickpeas2I ended up with about 6 cups of chickpeas! I’m planning to use them in a recipe for dinner/leftovers later this week, roast them until they’re crunchy for snacking and use them in hummus!

hummusI used a basic hummus recipe of chickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlic, salt and pepper and olive oil. Homemade hummus is super simple to make and way cheaper than the packaged stuff…and very tasty! I hope to make my own hummus throughout the summer.

Another snack-food I made was homemade granola bars. These were really easy to make and I had almost all of the ingredients on-hand already, so I didn’t have to buy much else.

granolaI cut them into 8 bars for snacks throughout the week:

bars1And wrapped them in plastic wrap:

bars2I also made my own almond milk! This wasn’t for any other reason than I wanted to try it: it’s not any cheaper for me to make it at home because the almonds I bought weren’t that great of a price. Maybe if I bought them in bulk, it would be worth it.

It was still fun though! I soaked 1 cup of almonds overnight and then drained them and put them in the blender with 3 cups of water, vanilla, cinnamon and agave.

almondsThe finished product was quite tasty!

milkFinally, I doubled my dinner tonight for lunch later on in the week:

lentils1Cold green lentil salad, with carrots, red onion, scallion, parsly and a red wine vinaigrette. Yum! Part of this tasty dinner:

dinner1Bread with goat cheese:

breadAnd a smoothie split with Allen. He was the mastermind, but I know it had orange juice, mango, pineapple, peach and yogurt.

smoothiesTonight we are watching Food Network Star! It’s one of my favorite shows. I’ve been watching since the very first season. Can’t wait!


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