Double-Header Saturday

What a perfect day for a double header! I had nothing planned for today except for a run, and I get to watch baseball twice. I wish all Saturdays were like this one!

I was up on my own this morning at 7:45. I got up and had some tea before making breakfast:

breakfast1Cereal with soy milk:

cerealApplesauce and strawberries, which aren’t really ready yet. I don’t know how that is, because the strawberries in St. Louis the past two weeks were really good.

fruitAnd some iced coffee. My Keurig here doesn’t brew a 4 oz. cup of coffee, so I had to brew 6 oz. instead. Not quite at good.

coffeeI’m thinking about getting a french press and cold-brewing my coffee overnight.

breakfast2I piddled around for a while this morning before finally heading out for my run. Since I’m not training for anything right now, I planned to run somewhere between 5-6 miles, depending on how I was feeling. So I set out with my fuel belt to explore the neighborhood near the apartment.

The route I took was pretty disappointing. None of the streets ran long enough for me to get any substantial mileage out of it. I did a few out-and-backs but was struggling to put much together.

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 8.04.09 PMMy pace was pretty good, and I wasn’t sure how long I was going to run, but around mile 4, I was getting thirsty and hot (the sun was coming out) so I decided to head back. Also, my iPod died around 3.5 miles and I was missing it.




Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 8.03.46 PMI plan to mostly run on trails this summer, but unfortunately most of the trails in the area are flooded from all of the rain we’ve been getting. Hopefully they’ll be better this week!

Post-run fuel:

m&msA few frozen M&Ms. Yum!

After my run, I took a shower and it was time for baseball game number one! I enjoyed this game with some lunch:

lunch2Pizza, split with Allen:

pizzaAnd a salad of spinach, blanched green beans, goat cheese and lemon, olive oil and agave dressing:

saladMint green tea to drink:



lunch1My afternoon was pretty relaxing: baseball, a short nap and then a trip to Wal-Mart and the grocery store (yes, again) with Allen. Then it was dinner time!

dinner1Black bean quesadilla! So good.

quesadillaAnd fresh guacamole, made with avocado, tomato, green onion and cilantro:

guacPaired with even more green beans:

green beans


dinner2Tonight we are enjoying the baseball game, but tomorrow I’ve got a lot of stuff to do! Only one more day before my summer class starts!


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