Easy Going

Another relaxing day at home! I did get some stuff done, but tomorrow is going to be busy. I’ve got to pack up all of my stuff so I can leave on Friday morning!

Rewind to this morning. I had a bigger breakfast this morning because I was quite hungry:

breakfast1Yogurt, fruit and cereal bowl:

bowlPlus a side of peanut butter toast. I go through phases with peanut butter, and I’m into it right now.

toastCoffee to drink:



breakfast2After breakfast, I lounged around for a while waiting for my mom and Ryan to come home from the license bureau. Ryan got his license! Hooray!

When my mom got home, we headed out to do some shopping for the apartment. We went to Target and I got lots of good stuff, including some pots and pans, a food processor, a bookshelf and some cute sheets. I’m getting excited to unpack all of my stuff when I get there! We also stopped at Trader Joe’s because there isn’t one in Columbia.

After shopping, we came home and I had a late lunch. I was starving! I threw together this lunch:

lunch1I made a smoothie with banana, peanut butter, soy milk, ice and hemp protein powder I picked up at Trader Joe’s:

proteinThis stuff doesn’t have much of a flavor and helps bulk up my smoothie quite nicely. It’s a greenish-brown color, but I don’t mind:

smoothieI also had a jam and cheese sandwich with greens:

cheeseAnd some olive tapenade from Trader Joe’s:

tapenadeThis stuff is tasty! I spread it onto crackers.



lunch2After lunch, I took a long, hard nap on the living room couch. I woke up when my dad got home. He was singing and it was quite the surprise.

Dinner tonight was really yummy! I tried a new veggie burger recipe. I liked this burger because it was super simple.

dinner2I used a recipe from Vegan Richa for lentil and cauliflower burgers. All you do is cook the lentils, which takes about 30 minutes and add them to grated cauliflower that’s been roasted for about 15 minutes. This gets mixed together with spices, flour and olive oil, formed into patties and baked for 20 minutes.

burgerI toasted some buns and had plenty of toppings:

ketchupSimple basil ketchup: I just chopped some basil and mixed it in. Totally elevated these burgers.

toppingsLettuce, tomato and avocado. Perfect.

It sounds like the recipe takes a long time, but I like that there’s a lot of downtime while the lentils are cooking and while the burgers are in the oven. It gave me a lot of time to clean as I went as well as make veggies:

veggiesBroccoli and peppers, quickly blanched and then cooked in a pan with ginger and scallions. I finished them with soy sauce and mirin.

dinner1Tonight we are watching baseball (as always) and later on I am going to have Ryan drive me to FroYo! Hooray!


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