Memorial Day Meals

Happy Memorial Day! I enjoyed the rest of my day after my 5K relaxing and eating good food.

After my race, I vegged out on the couch with Allen before throwing together this lunch:

lunch2An easy cheddar-and-jam sandwich with greens:

cheeseAnd some sweet potato and black bean salad from Saturday:

salad1Plenty of fresh fruit:



lunch1Allen and I ate lunch while watching The Chew, and then we went to visit my grandma and play games! We played Uno and she won, and then we played three games of Can’t Stop and we each won once. It was a really great afternoon because the Cardinals were playing at the same time.

A storm rolled in around 3, so we high-tailed it home and made it back in time to miss the storm! I had a snack of apples and peanut butter-cream cheese dip:

appleAllen had to go back to Columbia around 4:30 and after the Cardinals game ended I started on dinner.

We grilled corn and sausages for dinner tonight! I bought these veggie sausages from Whole Foods:

sausage1I’ve ready about these sausages a million times on different blogs, and I really wanted to try them! Sausage is one of the meat items I like the most, and finding a veggie replacement isn’t easy.

I made a salad to go with dinner: a golden beet salad with shallots, parsley and orange miso dressing from Oh She Glows.

I love salads from Oh She Glows. They’re always the perfect ratios of grains (quinoa in this case), veggies, fruit and dressing. This salad was no slouch!

beet salad1The dressing really was the star of the show here. Miso adds a depth of flavor that changes everything, even earthy, spotlight-stealing beets.

beet salad2It was my first time eating golden beets, and I definitely prefer them to regular beets. My mom even liked them in this salad, and she hates beets!

My dinner plate was perfectly balanced:

dinner1A nice Field Roast sausage, which really mimicked the smoky flavor of sausage in a way that didn’t make me miss the real thing:

sausage2Some tasty corn-on-the-cob:

cornAnd of course the beet salad:

beet salad3


dinner2Tonight, I am going to watch a documentary on Netflix. I just looked at the homepage and saw they’ve added a ton of new movies, including Bully, a documentary I’ve been trying to see for the past year but have always missed. Tonight’s the perfect night to watch it!


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