Lucky Number 13

What a great race! It was much better than I expected and it was a great surprise.

Let’s back up to 5:30 this morning, when I woke up. I had my tried-and-true pre-run breakfast of cereal and applesauce.

breakfast1Multigrain Cheerios with soy milk:

cerealAnd some unsweetened applesauce:

applesauceI didn’t have any coffee this morning because we were out of milk (I only use cow’s milk in my coffee), so I had a cup of Earl Grey Green instead:

teaWe headed to the race a little after 6:30, and after a bit of GPS drama we got to the parking lot. We were running the University City Memorial Day 5K, which is a very popular race. There were 675 people there running the 5K and another 447 running the 10K. This is the biggest race I’ve run since Thanksgiving!

me1Ready to go! I put sunscreen on and did a short warm-up and stretch. We lined up about 10 minutes before the start and we were off!

The course wasn’t too bad. There were a few hills, both up and down, so it evened out. My first mile was 7:41, which was right on pace for my sub-24 finish!

My second mile was tough, but I chugged along at 7:51. I crossed the “Mile 2” marker early, at about 1.9 miles, so I was pretty sure the course was going to be short.

My third mile was quite a bit slower at 8:16. I again crossed the mile marker early, and crossed the finish line at 2.99 miles according to my watch.

me2I finished strong!


me4My finish time was 23:50, which is a sub-24 finish, even if the race wasn’t quite long enough. I had to go to the bathroom right after I finished, so I didn’t see my mom finish, but she came in at 28:02!

We got some water and walked around a little bit, trying to decide if we wanted to wait for awards. Allen said he saw a few finishers before me who could have been in my age group, but he wasn’t sure. This race split up the age groups by 5 years, so I was competing in the 20-24 age group.

We decided to check the results. The race was timed by Big River Running, who always does an awesome job, and they had laptops set up under a tent for people to check their finish time. I checked mine first, and was so excited by what I saw!

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 10.27.50 AMFirst place! I couldn’t believe it. We had to stay for awards, and luckily there was plenty of fun post-race goodies:

froyo2FroYo was there! I got a raspberry sorbet cup. We didn’t get to choose our flavors, but the non-dairy option was probably best for me.

froyo1Definitely hit the spot.

I also snagged a banana, which I ended up taking home for a smoothie!

bananaAwards were at 8:45, and I gladly accepted my medal:

awardI looked up the final results after I got home, and it turns out the second-place finisher in my division had almost the exact same time as me! Online it says 23:50 as well, but I probably beat her by less than a second. Incredible! When I picked up my bib yesterday, the lady at the running store asked if I was ok with “13.” I am glad I said yes because it was good to me!

me5 I was very happy with my finish. Can’t wait to go again!

me and momWhen we got home, I took a shower and then made myself a post-race smoothie: peanut butter, banana and chocolate chip:

smoothie1It was a tasty blend…exactly what I wanted.

smoothie3Cool-looking medal:

medalWith lucky number 13!


smoothie2Today is going to be a relaxing summer day, with baseball and good food. Happy Memorial Day!


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