A Well-Balanced Day

Today was one of those days where you know you’ve eaten all of the fruits and veggies you need to to feel good. I certainly packed into the nutrients today!

I was up around 7:30 this morning in an attempt to reacclimate myself to the early morning…it is not going well.

I had a very simple breakfast when I got up because I had plans with Allen later on and I knew I needed something to tide me over:

breakfast2Cereal-fruit-and-yogurt bowl:

cerealKashi 7-Grain Flakes and plenty of strawberries and blueberries:

fruitAnd some Earl Grey Green tea:


breakfast1Allen came over around 9 to go to breakfast. We went to Einstein’s Bagels and I got an Asiago Cheese bagel with cream cheese:

bagelAfter breakfast we came back and played a little Yahtzee (I won!) before Allen had to leave. He had some brewery-hopping plans with his dad today.

Lunch was late and pretty light:

lunch2Two hard-boiled eggs:

eggsToast with avocado:

avocadoAnd a super-simple smoothie with soy milk, spinach, banana and ice.


lunch1After lunch, I convinced my brother to come along with me on a few errands. We went to the mall and got him some new clothes and then hit Whole Foods and the regular grocery store for the week’s groceries.

I was pretty hungry when we got back, so I had this snack:

snackPeanut butter-filled pretzels and a juicy apple.

Dinner tonight was quite exciting! I found some really delicious recipes from the Bean By Bean cookbook Allen got me for my birthday and tried one out tonight: black bean and sweet potato salad.


This salad was super simple. It started with 1 cup of green beans, blanched for a few minutes and then rinsed to keep the color.

green beansI mixed in the green beans with some roasted sweet potatoes:

potatoesAnd added a can of black beans, scallions and a delicious honey-cilantro dressing.

salad2Holy cow, was this salad good. While I was cooking the sweet potatoes, I was tempted to make a miso-peanut butter sauce to pour all over them, but I resisted, and made the sauce to dip tofu into:

sauce2This sauce was incredible. I didn’t measure, so I don’t have a recipe, but I mixed together peanut butter, miso paste, mirin, soy sauce and rice vinegar. I thinned the sauce with some hot water.

I used a new kind of miso paste tonight: chickpea miso. The flavor was incredible!

misoI basically used the tofu as a vehicle to deliver this sauce to my mouth.


dinner2What a great dinner!

dinner1Tonight we are watching some baseball. Tomorrow will be another early morning (I’m thinking 6:30…?) with little on the agenda. Happy summer!


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