Strawberries and Spontaneity

Today was a pretty spontaneous day, but that’s how summer can be! I woke up at 7 because I wanted to run in the morning before breakfast, just to get it over with.

teaI started with some Earl Grey Green this morning, and some applesauce to fuel me through my run.

applesauceMy run was pretty good. I had three miles on the agenda and I made it through with negative splits:

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 7.23.41 PMMy run was pretty hilly, but I didn’t really feel the hills.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 7.23.51 PMThe rest of this week I am tapering for my 5K on Memorial Day, so I’ve got a very relaxing week ahead of me…I might do some cross-training just for fun. Strength workouts? Yeah, probably should.

Post-run oatmeal was quite delicious. Strawberries and cream:



breakfast1I made whipped banana oatmeal and stirred in some sliced strawberries at the end and finished it with a little bit of cream.

oatmeal1This was one heavenly bowl of oatmeal.

oatmeal2Served with iced coffee:

breakfast2After breakfast, I picked up my brother from school. I let him drive home part of the way (he just turned 16) and then we decided to do something crazy: Go take his driver’s license test! After a lot of coordinating, we headed out to the testing site.

He drove the whole way there and did really well, but unfortunately he didn’t pass. The good news is most of the stuff he missed is really easy to fix, so I’m sure he’ll pass next time. Plus, there seems to be a bias against teenage boys who take the test (many of his friends did not pass on their first try either).

I brought my lunch with me because I wasn’t hungry when we left:

lunchCheddar and jam sandwich with greens:

sandwichAnd some homemade lemon-thyme white bean dip! Super garlic-y…good thing Allen is in Columbia this week.

dipCarrots for dipping:

carrotsAnd pita chips:

pitaAnd a sweet nectarine for dessert:


This afternoon I didn’t do much, and soon enough it was time for dinner! I made a rice-and-beans bowl with lots of toppings!

dinner1The beans were canned black beans heated with some chicken stock, chili powder, onion powder and cumin. Super simple! And I just cooked brown rice in my rice cooker.

beansLots of toppings:

dinner2Cherry tomatoes, cheese, lettuce and green onions.

All of this was going to become a burrito, but I ended up snacking on a tortilla before dinner instead.

dinner3Tonight there’s another late Cardinals game I probably won’t make it through, and I’ll probably find myself a little something sweet to eat. Maybe cookies? Maybe a banana smoothie? Many possibilities…

Tomorrow? Bento!


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