A Week in Groceries: May 20-27

Summer means I finally get to cook again! I am home for two weeks and then I’m heading back to Columbia for summer classes, so I’ll be grocery shopping and cooking my own meals all summer. I am so excited!

Yesterday I hit the grocery store to stock up on food for the next week or two. The fridge was pretty empty so I took that as a sign that I needed to fill it up!

Grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do, and usually I have a few meals in mind before I go, but this week I just decided to make my list based on general things I wanted to eat this week and worry about putting meals together later.

First up, the fruits and veggies. Whenever I go to the grocery store, I know I’ll want to have two types of in-season fruits around, but I don’t write anything specific on my list because I like to see what’s good that day:

fruitI picked up some strawberries and nectarines for breakfasts and snacking, as well as some apples. I also got some underripe bananas for smoothies and oatmeal this week. I always pick up lemons for salad dressings and avocados because I love them so much!

The veggies were plentiful in my cart yesterday:

veggiesI have a few plans for these veggies:

  • Cucumber and cabbage to make some quick pickles for bentos later this week
  • Potatoes as an easy starch option for a dinner this week
  • Carrots and peppers for smoked trout salad and dinner veggies
  • Broccoli (behind the peppers!) for bentos and dinner veggies
  • Spinach for smoothies and sandwiches
  • Greens for salads
  • Mushrooms for dinners
  • Green onions for all sorts of things
  • Onions for cooking

Most of what I bought was actually produce, which was really fun because I haven’t had enough fruits and veggies in my life as of late. I picked up some pantry staples:

pantryLots of tasty whole-grain cereals for breakfasts, unsweetened applesauce, some barbecue sauce (plan on making barbecue tempeh later this week), raspberry jam (we were out) and lots of beans!

beansBeans are one of my favorite proteins, but all I have planned for them so far are a white-bean dip that I can eat throughout the week.

And then some refrigerated/frozen stuff:

fridgeTwo blocks of extra firm tofu for dinners, yogurt and soy milk for smoothies and breakfasts, white cheddar cheese for sandwiches and coconut milk ice cream for fun!

I have already started planning out ways to eat through all of this delicious foods, and I’m so excited to be back in the kitchen. I’ve got lots of recipes coming at ya, as well as some bento posts. I’ve talked about bento boxes before but I’ll be able to start making them this summer and I’m really excited.


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