Ice Baths and Frozen Custard

Today has been a pretty great day. It’s the first day since classes ended that I’ve felt completely in control of my study schedule.

I started my day a little groggy but ready to tackle the day. I had a 7-mile run on the agenda, so I ate breakfast  first thing:

breakfast1Oranges and applesauce! I think the double-fruit combo helped fuel me.

orangesServed with some Kashi cereal:

breakfast2And coffee:

coffeeI had a lot to fit into my morning: I needed to pack my stuff to take over to Allen’s after my run, pack some of the stuff from my room that I’ll need over the summer and take a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up Allen’s birthday present. I was a little stressed this morning but I got it all done and went over to see Allen around 10 to give his gift:

I got him a blender for his birthday/graduation. He has been drinking smoothies almost everyday and using his roommate’s blender, but he just moved out and took it with him, so I gave him his present early.

I chose the Ninja blender because it’s pretty highly rated for the price, and I wanted to get him something nicer than what he’d been using. He was really excited and put it together right away.

After a little bit I set off on my run. I forgot to bring my fuel belt, so I picked up a Gatorade and two bottle of water at Wal-Mart and placed them at the trailhead. I didn’t want to put a reusable bottle in case someone might take it.

My run was hard but pretty good. I was really happy with my splits:

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 7.30.11 PMMy best mile was mile 5, because there was a girl on the trail who had a head start and I decided I wanted to beat her. I succeeded, but ran a WAY faster mile than I intended to. I think it was ok because it motivated me to keep going, and I slowed down for miles 6-7. 

My hydration plan worked well too. I took water/Gatorade at miles 3, 5 and 7.

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 7.29.56 PMDuring and after my run, I could tell my legs were in some serious soreness. I decided to go for an ice bath because they definitely needed something!

iceI picked up a bag of ice from a gas station when we went to pick up lunch. Bagels!

bagelsEgg and cheese on an everything bagel:

everythingAnd a chocolate chip bagel with strawberry cream cheese:

chocolateThe ice bath was not bad at all. I stayed in for 5 minutes and it was cold, but manageable. I can definitely say my legs are feeling SO much better than they did earlier today.

I spent my afternoon watching baseball and relaxing. I was pretty tired around 2 p.m. but I had a surge of energy a few hours later and was able to finish a practice test for Comm Law, which is what I was hoping to get done. Yay!

Allen and I took a study break around 4 for some frozen custard. I’d been craving it all week but decided to wait until after my long run today:

freeze I got a Coke “Freeze,” which is vanilla custard blended with Coke. It was tasty!

Allen got a strawberry shortcake sundae, which was also really good:

shortcakeA little later I had some dinner. Leftovers from Friday night:

dinner1Rice and beans:

beansAnd some salad greens on top:

dinner2Tonight I am studying for religious studies with a friend, and then getting some good sleep so I can tackle tomorrow!


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