How I Eat For the Run

On the weekends, I usually have two longer workouts to do, so what I eat throughout the weekend matters for how I run. This weekend is a really great example: I ran 5 miles today and I’m running 7 tomorrow, so I have to make sure I’m eating the right foods so I can run well.


I like to allow myself 1.5-2 hours to digest after breakfast, so I was up at 8 this morning so I could be done eating by 8:30 and out running between 10 and 10:30.

breakfast1My running breakfasts are usually between 300-400 calories depending on how long I am running. I try to avoid protein because it doesn’t digest fast enough to run on. I make my breakfasts based on these components:


toastToday it was buttered wheat toast.

And some sort of fruit:

applesauceToday I had unsweetened applesauce.

And of course coffee:

coffeeAfter breakfast and digesting, I headed out on my 5 mile run.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 6.00.58 PMThis run went pretty well. I ran on campus and headed over to the MKT trail, which I had never run on longer than about a half of a mile. It was nice to explore it a bit more. There is a water fountain at the trail head and about a mile down from where I started (which is another trail entry point) so that was really nice since I didn’t take any water with me today.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 6.00.43 PMI was lagging towards the end of my run. I had a side-stitch that wouldn’t go away and was thirsty and tired. I’ll try to drink more water tonight and tomorrow morning before I head out so I’m not so fatigued.

After my run, I stretched and showered and headed over to Allen’s for lunch:

lunch2I LOVE a smoothie for a post-run lunch. I had also planned on making fried rice but the eggs I thought I had were gone, so I had some of Allen’s frozen pizza.

pizzaHe was nice enough to share with me 🙂

This smoothie was strawberries, peaches, vanilla soy milk and plain yogurt. It tasted like a strawberry milkshake!



lunch1This afternoon I got some flashcards done for poli sci and did some work on my religious studies paper. I also took a nap and watched Adam Wainwright pitch an incredible game. It was a great afternoon!

We ended up going to the store to get eggs so I could make my favorite pre-long run dinner: fried rice!

rice1Fried rice is a great pre-long run meal because it has a good mix of carbs and protein. It’s also a nice deviation from the traditional pasta meal.

rice2I used about a cup of pre-cooked brown rice, two eggs, 1/3 cup of frozen veggies, two green onions and some soy sauce to taste. It was yummy. 🙂

rice3I think I need to buy a peas-and-carrots mix for my friend rice. This frozen veggie blend has too much corn in it.

Tonight I am studying with some classmates for poli sci. Then I am getting some good sleep and getting up to run tomorrow morning!


2 thoughts on “How I Eat For the Run

  1. I never think to make fried rice for dinner! To be honest, lately I’ve been trying to avoid “fried” anything… but this sounds delicious! Do you just put it in a skillet with some oil?

    • Yeah, it’s really simple and you can control the amount of oil you use. I cook the eggs first with a little bit of oil (tsp.), and then take them out of the pan and add some more oil (another tbsp probably) and cook the green onions and frozen veggies, then add the rice and soy sauce and put the eggs back in.

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