Studying and S’mores

It’s Reading Day, which means I did a lot of studying! I’m having trouble balancing all of this studying I have to do, but I’m getting through it.

I decided to do my morning studying at Bread Co, so I got there for breakfast at 8:30ish. I ordered something I’ve never eaten before: a Breakfast Power Sandwich.

sandwichIt had egg, ham and a delicious cheddar cheese on multigrain bread. It was tasty!

I also had a chocolate chip bagel because old habits die hard:

bagelAnd a very blurry mug of coffee:

coffeeI got a lot of different stuff done this morning:

  • I finished my Freshman Interest Group preparation packet (syllabus and lesson plans) for next fall. 
  • I made a list of the topics likely to be covered from each chapter in chemistry and tackled chapter 1.
  • I did some flashcards for religious studies.

In the afternoon, I had to turn in my FIG packet at the Res Life office and I talked with Hillary for a while because she was studying there. We grabbed lunch from the Mizzou Market. I got this:

juiceIt was not good. The taste was good but the texture was like drinking chalk! I cannot believe this drink sells…I would not buy it again. 30 grams of protein are not worth drinking chalk. Honestly when do you need that much protein in your day anyways?

This afternoon I spent some time de-stressing and did some flashcards for poli sci. Eventually I put the books away and gave myself the free night I so desperately need.

Dinner tonight was my favorite combo: rice and beans.

beansBlack beans, onion, garlic and stir fry sauce all cooked together, served on top of brown rice.

Topped with greens and a WAY underripe avocado:

greensI also had this smoothie Allen made:

smoothiesIt had pineapple, mango, plain yogurt and orange juice, and it was very tasty.

But alas, my sweet tooth was asking for a little bit more:

smoresI made s’mores in the oven! I used the broiler to toast the marshmallow for a minute or two, but I had to move it down to a lower rack to finish melting the chocolate without burning the marshmallow. The result was delicious and gooey and perfect.

smores1Tomorrow is another day of running and studying and hopefully not stressing out. Strapping in.


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