Living for the Weekend

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. My day was SUPER busy: I was writing a poli sci paper all morning, had a flute rehearsal in the afternoon, finished the last of my chemistry homework and worked on a paper for Religious Studies. But luckily I am back and the weekend is here!

Rewinding back to the morning, I got up at 6:15 to run at the Rec. The weather was NOT good for running: rainy and in the 30s, and I knew going to the Rec and being able to watch the Today Show would get me out of bed. I was sleepy but I made it there. 

I ran 3 miles at all sorts of paces, but it probably worked out to be 9:45 min./miles. I read a bit of Top of the Morning because I got there before the Today Show started (so. early.) and then watched the show.

This run was kind of hard, likely because I hate treadmills and I haven’t run since Monday. I opted not to do my speed work on Wednesday because my hip was hurting and I put off my Thursday run because I was so busy.

I came back to my room and stretched and showered and then made breakfast as fast as possible. I was starving!

breakfast1Cereal and the last of my yogurt container:

cerealAnd an orange I took from the dining hall:

orangeAfter breakfast, I cranked out the rest of my Religious Studies paper and then headed to class. Comm Law was fine and Religious Studies was extra good. We had a really good discussion. 

After class, I picked up lunch from the dining hall and did some packing because I came home for the weekend! I am glad I did because it’ll be nice to recharge before the next two weeks of intense studying. I also convinced Allen to come home too, which will make the weekend even better. 

Our drive home was cold and rainy, but we finally made it, and I had one thing on my mind: Black bean and potato nachos from Oh She Glows. 


This recipe was SUPER simple and also really satisfying. 

First, I tossed two potatoes sliced into wedges with olive oil, chili powder, salt and pepper. They went into the oven while I worked on the beans. 

Red onion, garlic and red bell pepper:

veggiesCooked until the onions were translucent. Then I added a can of black beans, chili powder, cumin, salt and pepper. After the beans were heated through, I turned off the heat and waited for the potatoes.

tatersAssembling this dish was super simple: just portion out the potatoes for three people:

layer1Then add 1/3 of the beans:

beansPretty good looking mixture:

beans2But it gets better because there are TOPPINGS! I love toppings. Here’s what I set out:

toppingsGreen onions, cilantro, avocado, cherry tomatoes, sour cream and cheese. 

bowl2This was a TASTY meal, but the portions were a little small for my taste. I would probably portion a potato per person and maybe up the beans as well. With canned beans that’s a little more difficult but if I had cooked a big bunch of black beans I could portion maybe 2/3 to a cup of beans. But other than that this dish was great!

Tonight I am watching baseball and may make myself a little smoothie because I’m still a little hungry. Happy weekend!



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