Heating Up

It seems that spring has skipped right over us and we’ve gone straight to summer! I may need to alter my weekly running schedule because running at 3:45 means this kind of weather:

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 7.28.01 PMWow. You wouldn’t think 82 degrees and sunny would be such a bad thing, but my body hasn’t run in these temperatures all year! It was a struggle.

Back up to this morning, I was up at 6:30 for chemistry. Easy breakfast:

breakfast1A delicious and juicy orange:

orangesCereal (boring, I know)

cerealAnd coffee!



breakfast2This morning I did something I never EVER ever do: I watched Good Morning America. They had an interview with Jason Collins, the NBA player who just came out, while Today only had some analysts talking about it. I couldn’t resist!

I am a Today Show loyalist. Even after they ousted Ann Curry (and I was REALLY mad) I couldn’t watch GMA for more than an hour. It’s just not as good!

I had chemistry at 8, which was good. We’re only learning a little bit more material before the final. I should be fine. After chemistry I had my one-on-one meeting with my hall coordinator, which went really well.

I got lunch with Allen at 11 and then headed to the library to do some work. NO BAND THIS WEEK which is awesome because it gives me the chance to do some homework in the afternoon. I got my take-home exam done for Comm Law which was pretty impressive.

I had poli sci at 2 and then I headed back to my room to get ready for my run. I put on plenty of sunscreen and wore a new tank top but I was still HOT HOT HOT. I really struggled on this run: I was thirsty, my legs felt like lead and my stomach was hurting because of the sudden warm-up. I chugged through it, and was actually running a bit faster than my goal pace for my easy run, which was probably why it was so hard:

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 7.28.07 PMAfter my run, I stretched and took a super fast shower before dinner with Hillary and Kalen.

Tonight I am on call and I have some chemistry homework and a poli sci paper to work on. Hoping for an easy night!


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