Cloudy with a Chance of Bagels and Kale

Hello! Today has been a pretty mundane day. I had a lot planned but not all of it got done…such is life on the weekends.

I was up around 8:30 on my own this morning because I needed to get some laundry started. Breakfast was easy:

breakfast2I’m sure you’re really loving seeing this breakfast over and over again, so here it is.

cerealExcept this time I bought the Wal-mart brand Honey Bunches of Oats and it was NOT GOOD! Not as much subtle cinnamon flavor and it got mushy really fast. SO disappointing Wal-mart!

And a delicious orange:



breakfast1After breakfast, I finished up my laundry while I figured out my morning plans. I was signed up to help at our building’s field day event today, but it was raining all morning so they changed the event to an indoor board game tournament, and I was relieved of my duty!

It gave me enough time to head out to the mall to go to Target. This was quite the journey as all of mid-Missouri decided they needed to go to Target today as well. There was a lot of traffic and it took forever. But I got a new light-weight running jacket and some wash clothes and all-purpose cleaner.

After Target I headed to the bagel place to get bagels for lunch with Allen. I was STARVING!

bagels1Chocolate chip with strawberry cream cheese:

chocolateAnd an egg and cheese on everything:

eggCoffee to drink. It was a little cold, which was disappointing.

coffeeAnd some orange juice because I was craving it. This never happens!


bagelsSuch a dreary day. We sat at the counter and had this cloudy view:

cloudyAfter lunch we hit the grocery store for some dinner ingredients. I started on dinner after spending my afternoon reading and watching baseball.

I picked out a recipe from the Happy Herbivore Abroad cookbook:



recipeI was pretty excited to try this recipe because it was REALLY simple and fast. First I cooked some red onions and sweet potatoes in a pot with some veggie broth:

veggiesI also added a spice blend known as berbere, which I had never heard of before. It’s an Ethiopian spice blend with a bunch of different spices: cayenne pepper, cumin, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, paprika and coriander. This was the first time I really bought spices at the store. I always avoid it because they are expensive for just one recipe, but I figure since I’ll be here all summer I might as well take the plunge.

spicesThe spice mix:

berbereAfter the onion and sweet potato were cooked, I added some kale!

kaleIt looks like a lot of kale, but it really cooks down:

potI let the kale cook for a few minutes and then added a can of white beans and another teaspoon of berbere.

delightThe result was a pretty tasty dish! My spice blend was a little cayenne-heavy for my taste, but otherwise the flavors and textures were really good.

On the side I made another recipe from the Happy Herbivore Abroad: morir sonado

creamsicleThis drink is like a creamsicle in a glass: orange juice and vanilla soy milk blended together with a bit of ice and some agave. Yum!

dinner1Tomorrow is going to be an EXTREMELY busy day. I have some downtime in the afternoon and I might blog then if I can. Otherwise you’ll hear from me later than usual tomorrow night!



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