Weekly Workout Roundup

Happy Friday! I have had a particularly lovely day. I started my day knowing the worst parts of the week were behind me, and I had a pretty free day ahead of me.

With the exception of an easy Comm Law lecture, my day was pretty much the perfect Friday: we finished up For the Bible Tells Me So in Religious Studies (the end is the best!) and I had a relaxing afternoon with THIS:

top_of_the_morning_book_cover_a_pIf you haven’t heard about this book, it’s about time you do. Brian Stelter is a media reporter for the New York Times and this book is the product of a few years of in-depth reporting about morning television, specifically the Today Show and Good Morning America and the ratings war. It’s juicy and at times a bit hard to swallow, but I am loving it. Can’t wait to get back to it!

This week in workouts has been pretty successful: I ran on Monday, Thursday and Friday. The weather has been pretty forgiving as well:


Weather 4:22:13The warmest it’s been in a LONG time was on Monday afternoon! I just had to do three miles, and I was feeling really great. I ran some very even splits.

laps 4:22:13

summary 4:22:13


I decided to do my Wednesday workout on Thursday because the weather was going to be nicer and I had a lot to get done on Wednesday. I definitely lucked out on the weather:

Weather 4:25:13I was not very excited about my workout for Thursday: a 35-minute tempo run. I ended up shortening it to 30 minutes, but it actually went really well.

laps 4:25:13I did the same thing as I did last tempo run: 5 minutes easy out, 5 minutes middle-range (between 9:00-9:30 min./miles), 10 minutes tempo pace (8:30-9:00 min./miles), 5 minutes middle-range and 5 minutes easy. I felt a lot stronger during the tempo part of my run this time around than I did last time. I was more in control of my running.


Today was the coolest day of the week:

Weather 4:26:13I actually ran with a long-sleeve shirt because it was so windy. The wind made this run hard, but I also had a bit of pain during my second mile! I have a history of hip flexor injury on my right side, and I know exactly how it feels when it flares up. Sometimes the pain is temporary, but this stuck around longer than I would prefer, so I peeled off a little early and headed in.

summary 4:26:13I was actually having a really good run otherwise. The weather was great and I was feeling good cardiovascular-ly. That’s the thing about running injuries: you’re lungs want to GO GO GO but your legs say “No way!”

When I got back to my room, I did some clamshells with a resistance band and some squats from a Runner’s World article I’d been meaning to get to. Then I stretched and iced my hip and my knee where I had a bit of pain as well.

Luckily tomorrow is an off-day as I prepare for my 5K test on Sunday morning! I’m excited and VERY nervous to see what I can!


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