Coming up for Air

Hello! I’ve been out of commission for the last two days because I had two exams and a whole bunch of stress to get through. But now I’m finished with the worst part of the week, so I’m back to tell you all about it!

Rewind to Wednesday morning: I woke up at 7 a.m. after sleeping for 10 HOURS! I can’t believe it. I guess my headache was sleep-related because I did not wake up once the entire night.

Breakfast was quick and easy because I needed to do more studying for my Comm Law exam:

breakfast2Cereal cereal cereal: can’t get enough!

cerealAnd another delicious orange:

orangeCoffee that I didn’t need for the caffeine but I wanted for the flavor:



breakfast1I actually had this same breakfast this morning. It’s a winner!

After breakfast, I studied all morning, right down to the wire. I was worried I was going to be late to my test, but I made it in time. My test was NOT GOOD. But luckily I can afford to get a bad grade and still do alright in the class.

In Religious Studies we are watching For the Bible Tells Me So which is one of my favorite documentaries! I’ve seen it a bunch of times, but it’s still great.

Lunch yesterday was super exciting: veggie nachos! I love them so much.

lunch1This lunch helped turn my day around. By the time I got back to my room, I was feeling much better. Veggie nachos, a sunny walk and afternoon baseball really turned things around.

nachosSo. good.

Awesome strawberries they’ve had all week:

strawbsAnd some butternut squash that was a little overcooked. I didn’t eat it all:



lunch2I spent my afternoon watching the Cardinals sweep the Nats, which was awesome. Then I got started on some chemistry studying when the fire alarm went off! We were outside for about 40 minutes because someone decided not to put water in their Easy Mac.

Then we had our staff meeting, which got me stressed out again. Closing the building is going to be REALLY stressful during finals week! AH! I need to work on my study schedule soon so I can get it all done.

We were having an event for the Journalism and Communication community, so I waited for our guest speaker to arrive and then let the rest of the staff handle the event while I headed out to Bread Co. for dinner and chemistry studying. I think it really helped to get out of the building and do some studying.

Another thing that lifted my spirits yesterday was the LOVELY finals care package I received from Hannah’s mom, also known as Mother Nature:

packageWhat could it be?! Such a big box.

contentsSo many treats! There was instant oatmeal:

oatmealSome tasty snacks:

snacksAnd of course lots of treats!

sweetsI had two of these cookies yesterday. Luckily the old veggie container is hard to open or I might have eaten a lot more!

cookiesA Hershey bar for smiles:

hersheysAnd this awesome thing that I’ve never eaten but can’t wait to:

smoresAnd some more chocolate. I had one of those Bliss with caramel this morning and it was really good!

chocolateToday is going to be a good day because my chemistry exam is OVER and I think it went pretty well. The rest of the semester is just going to feel like a bunch of short races with some rests in between. I can do it!



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