Interval Play

Today has been a crazy weather day: chilly in the morning, then changing to warm within an hour, then sunny, then STORMY and a tornado warning! Spring weather is quite unpredictable.

My breakfast this morning was really simple but quite delicious:

breakfast1Honey Bunches (my new favorite cereal discovery) with YOGURT. This worked really well because the cereal didn’t get soggy after sitting in the yogurt for a little while.



cerealAnd a delicious, juicy orange. I am in need of more oranges ASAP. I only have one left!

orangesCoffee to drink:

coffeeAfter breakfast I picked Allen up and took him to the repair shop where his old car has been sitting for a few weeks. The battery was dead from not being used in a while, so it took a little bit for him to get it out of the parking lot and back to his apartment. Luckily I think I am officially DONE dealing with his crappy old car.

I wanted to run this afternoon so I packed a lunch to eat during class:

lunchI have tried two kinds of these “Food Should Taste Good” chips and I will say that I like the jalapeño flavor MUCH more than these olive ones. I didn’t taste olive at all, just a greasy corn chip. Nothing special!

And a peanut butter and banana sandwich and an apple I never ate because I wasn’t that hungry.

After lunch and classes the weather warmed up A LOT and I got to wear shorts for my workout today!

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 7.45.48 PM

Wednesdays mean speed work, and this week it was intervals. I did 6×400 m intervals at around 2:00/400 m with 400 m easy pace in between each interval.

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 7.45.35 PM

I think the last time I did intervals (inside, at the Rec), I did my math wrong because I was MUCH more tired this time and hitting that 2:00 min. mark was really hard! Maybe it’s because it was hot, but I also think the distance was shorter.

I managed to hit most of my intervals within my goal time, getting up to or even faster than my goal 5K pace of 7:44 min./miles, so that was really good! But this workout was TOUGH. I guess that’s good for me because I should be challenging myself at my goal pace, not making it too easy.

After my run, I stretched, showered and snacked:

snackSmoked salmon from home on crackers!

crackersAnd veggies with hummus:

veggiesWe had a short staff meeting and I was really excited to get out early until RIGHT as we had finished they released a tornado warning! We had to get everyone down into the basement of the building. It was a tight fit! But luckily it didn’t last too long–only about 15 minutes.

I got dinner with Hillary and Kalen and then came back to my room to do some studying and watch the Cardinals play poorly 😦

I’m going to have myself a little snack pretty soon and then get to work!


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