A Day at the Ball Game

I never know what to say when unthinkable tragedy happens, but I’d like to recognize those affected by the explosions at the Boston Marathon today. One of the happiest days of many runners’ lives took a sad turn and I am sending positive thoughts to everyone involved. I can only imagine what it’s like to finally reach a life-long goal and I hope everyone can find peace with what happened today. 

Yesterday Allen and I headed to Busch Stadium to enjoy our first Cardinals’ game of the season! My parents gave me two tickets to Sunday’s game for my birthday and I was very excited to take in a game.

One my last day home for the weekend, I requested a caramel donut for breakfast from our local donut shop.

Hello, beautiful:

donutPart of this complete breakfast:

breakfast1My delicious donut was served up with scrambled eggs and cheese:

eggsAnd fresh fruit! These grapes were a little sour for my taste.


breakfast2After breakfast, I got ready for the game. It was going to be in the high 70s, so I decided to wear a running shirt underneath my jersey and opted for shorts…a decision that would come back to bite me!

I really like to pack some snacks (or part of a lunch) when I go to the baseball game for a few reasons:

  • It’s one of the only venues where you can bring your own refreshments.
  • Packing some or all of your meal lets you eat healthier so you can enjoy a few treats!
  • It’s CHEAPER and often tastier to bring your own food.

I had decided I wanted a hot dog but I packed the rest of this lunch:

lunch1Tasty berries:

berriesCarrots, red bell pepper and Trader Joe’s roasted garlic hummus (SO tasty):

veggiesAnd some cookies for dessert:

cookiesAll packed up in the cooler with two water bottles:

coolerAll ready to go!

allenWe got to the ballpark about an hour before the game started because I wanted to make sure I got my giveaway: a Yadier Molina Gold/Platinum Glove statue!

statueYadi is my first and only favorite baseball player, so the tickets were special because it was his day! He got his Gold and Platinum Glove awards before the game:

trophiesWe had pretty good seats. Our view was nice:

fieldMatt Holliday was pretty close!

hollidayAs was Ryan Braun:

braunThe weather was nice when we first got to the ballpark…or so we thought. As the temperature rose, we realized sitting in the sun without any sunscreen was not a good idea. We both got really burnt…me on my thighs (stupid shorts!) and Allen on his knees and face.

I did get myself a hot dog:

hot dogAnd even though we lost, I enjoyed 10 innings of baseball on a beautiful day:



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