The Cold Spring

After an entire day of thunderstorms, today was gloomy and cold. Not exactly the perfect spring I’d hoped for!

I spent my morning catching up on TV shows: Smash and Modern Family! For breakfast:

breakfast1Peanut butter toast! The Wild Friends chocolate coconut peanut butter is sooooo good. Like frosting!

toastAnd some applesauce on the side:



breakfast2After breakfast and TV time, I got ready for the day. I met Allen for lunch at 11. They had vegetarian chili nachos and they were delicious! Classes today went by relatively quickly: band then poli sci, then back to my room.

I had a cereal snack during poli sci:


I was going to run this afternoon but the cold temperatures sort of put me in a funk. I know, I know, excuses, but I didn’t want to run inside on a treadmill or outside in my tights, so I decided to forgo my workout today. It was just an easy 3 miles, and I walk a lot on Thursdays to get to class (almost two miles!) so I’d say it’s ok.

I got dinner with Kalen tonight and have just been hanging out in my room tonight. I SHOULD be writing a short response paper but I’m putting it off…

My weekend is going to be exciting! Here are the plans:

  • Heading home Friday evening with Allen
  • Dinner with my family and HANNAH who is in town 🙂
  • Hanging out with Hannah Friday night
  • Relaxing on Saturday with a long run, some errands and baseball
  • Going to the Cardinals’ game on Sunday!

Can’t wait until tomorrow night…


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