Back on Schedule

Spring break has come to an end, and I’ve spent today preparing myself to get back to my regularly scheduled programming.

I was up at 7 after a really nice night’s sleep and I watched the Today Show until I got hungry for breakfast.

My last smoothie for a while:

smoothie2In the blender: frozen mixed berries, skim millk (out of soy), a small banana and yogurt.

smoothie1On top I sprinkled buckwheat groats and coconut butter.

I spent the rest of my morning packing up all of my stuff. With my birthday/food finds, I left with quite a bit more stuff than I came with. And there’s something about clean laundry that always feels heavier than when it was dirty.

I left home around 9:45. I was definitely sad to leave because I had a fantastic week at home!

I got back to Columbia around 11:15 and unpacked a little before noon when I had to do room checks for Res Life. That didn’t take too long, though, and I was back in my room and unpacking again by 12:30. Around 1, I got hungry for lunch:

lunch1I packed some goodies from home for lunch and dinner because the dining halls are closed today. This was a delicious bagel sandwich:

bagelPumpernickel bagel leftover from the birthday haul, with cream cheese, prosciutto and greens.

A tasty crunchy carrot on the side:

carrotAnd an apple:

appleTo drink I opened a kombucha I’ve had in my fridge for a while. It was hibiscus flavor:



lunch2After lunch, I relaxed a bit and then headed to HyVee with Allen. I got some good stuff including magoes, plums and cereal!

I took a nice long nap around 4 and then watched the end of the Louisville-Duke game. I am very happy Louisville won! Not only did they deserve it because they are the better team, they played hard for their injured teammate.

Dinner was also prepared at home:

dinner1Another curry egg salad stuffed into pitas with greens and avocado:

egg saladAnd another tasty carrot:

carrot2Mint green tea to drink:



dinner2Tonight I am going to hang out with Allen and do a bit of spring maintenance on my fingers and toes:

polishIt’s going to be cold for a few days, but my toes will be making an appearance soon!


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