One Score Old

I have officially left behind the teenage years. 20 years old and still feeling pretty much the same.

I was up early because I was excited for my birthday! I asked for bagels for breakfast and my dad was back at 7:30 with them, so I got up.

breakfast2Bagel and lox! Smoked salmon is my favorite.

loxThis was from Einstein’s Bagels It was delicious.

Coffee to drink. I had two cups because I was a little sleepy from my not-so-great night’s sleep.


breakfast1Allen came over at 9:45 to start the birthday celebrations. He brought me beautiful flowers, a birthday tradition.

flowersJust for a fun comparison, here is a photo of me on my birthday in 2009 with my birthday flowers from Allen:


I opened my birthday present in the morning, and got some fun stuff, including this awesome bean cookbook:

beansAnd a frisbee! We had plans to go to a park in the afternoon and I’ve been wanting to play frisbee for a long time.

We headed to the movies for an early showing of Oz: The Great and Powerful. I liked the movie (I am a HUGE Wizard of Oz fan) but I wish they had marketed it differently! I expected a sort of mystical, creepy, dark film and it was actually quite comedic and goofy. A different kind of movie, but still good.

After the movie we headed to Whole Foods for lunch! I got a nice box from the hot bar:

lunch1And a delicious ginger ale to drink:

aleAllen looking good:

allenAfter lunch, we shopped a bit at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, then headed home to change clothes to go to the park. The weather was PERFECT!

lake1We walked around the lake to the other side where there are some open fields and played frisbee for a little while. I am very bad at frisbee, but I am good at running, so I’d have Allen throw the frisbee really far and I’d run after it. Then I would throw the frisbee back and Allen would walk the twenty feet to where it landed…

Such a good sport:

allen2We had a little photo shoot after frisbee:




me4After the park, we headed home to watch Jeopardy. I took a quick shower before and grabbed a snack:

snackAfter enjoying Jeopardy, I opened my birthday presents from my parents and brother. Ryan got me some DELICIOUS Wild Squirrel nut butters:

butterMy parents got me a gift card to the Republic of Tea AND two tickets to a Cardinals game on April 14, which just happens to be an AWESOME giveaway day:

gold_glove_200x219Yadier Molina is my favorite player (and has been since he was the back-up to now-manager Mike Matheny) and I saw a commercial for this giveaway, so I’m SUPER excited to go.

Another photo shoot after I was all cleaned up:

me6For dinner, we went to my favorite restaurant, La Bonne Bouchée. They have great food, and even better dessert.


Both of my grandmothers met us over there and we dined on yummy French foods, including some of the best rolls ever:


My meal came with a cup of soup so I ordered the soup of the day, which was a black bean soup:

soupFor my meal I got the “quiche du jour” which was spinach and artichoke and very tasty:

quicheServed with carrots and green beans:

veggiesFor dessert, I ordered the “four flavor cake” which had layers of vanilla, chocolate, mocha and praline fillings:

cakeAlthough the food was delicious as always, our service was not that great tonight! Our waitress didn’t seems to know much about the specials or what they had left. Four of us ordered the same cake and they only had one slice left, but she didn’t tell us until after she took our order and brought the desserts. That part was disappointing.

I got some gifts from my grandmothers, including a bunch of cookbooks! My cookbook collection grows with ever holiday. Here’s the new entries:

booksCan’t wait to dig into these!

Tonight we are watching basketball and relaxing. I may dig into these macaroons we picked up at La Bonne Bouchée…

macaroonsIt’s been a fantastic 20th birthday!


3 thoughts on “One Score Old

  1. Wow! Cookbooks are such a great gift (along with all of the other thoughtful and wonderful gifts you got!). I’ll be thinking of you during the April 14th game…. hope we win for you! What great weather your birthday brought for us–merci!

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