Birfday Celebrations

Don’t get too excited…it’s not my birthday until tomorrow! But I did do a little celebrating today, so we’re calling it “birfday” celebrations.

I started my morning with another bowl of oatmeal!

breakfast2Another bowl of whipped banana oats, this time topped with buckwheat, cinnamon almonds from Trader Joe’s and some raspberry jam.

oatmeal1Can we all just take a moment to appreciate outdoor food photography? Totally changes the look. LOVE IT! Hooray for spring!

oatmeal2To drink I had a cup of coffee from the new Kuerig. Works just like the old one used to, as expected.



breakfast1Allen and I originally had plans to go to the St. Louis Art Museum and the Zoo, but I scratched the plans and had a relaxing morning instead. He came over at 11:30 to take me to my “birfday” lunch!

cr2I made a big mistake last year on my birthday and tried to pack a bunch of delicious food into one day. So this year, I’m spreading it out a bit, and Allen took me out for my birthday today instead.

We went to a restaurant in Clayton called Crushed Red. I had never been but Allen had, and thought it was just my kind of place.

cr3They do chopped salads, soups and pizzas, and I was really excited after looking at the menu!


saladI had the “Samurai” salad, which had romaine, spinach, mandarin oranges, snow peas, cucumber, cilantro and was tossed in a miso ginger dressing. I also added avocado because it is my one true love.

I wanted to pair my salad with a soup, and I settled on the mushroom and brie soup. HOLY COW was this good…so creamy from the cheese but meaty and earthy from the mushrooms.

soupAllen ordered a pepperoni pizza and got fresh mozzarella on top. It was really creamy! I had a bite.

pizzaTo drink we both had the iced berry green tea. It was really good, AND they had agave to sweeten it, which was a really nice touch.

teaIt was a great dining experience! I can’t wait to go back.

meAfter lunch, we headed over to visit my grandma! We spent the afternoon playing games and it was really fun. We played 4 games of Can’t Stop:

game2And I won 3. YEAH!

game1And we also played a very long game of Uno that Allen ended up winning during the last hand. Darn him!

We headed back to my house and I went on a short run in the beautiful spring sunshine. 55 degrees and sunny made me happy, but my legs have been sitting TOO MUCH this break! They took forever to warm up and were still kind of tight after my run.

I was successful in meeting my goal of negative splits on my 3-mile loop! This is a big feat because that last mile is so hilly. But I pushed through and stayed tall on the hills. Go me!

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 6.55.45 PMDinner tonight was a super easy leftover plate. The best of the week, relived:

dinner2Sweet potatoes with miso sauce:

potatosBarbeque tempeh:

tempehFilling from last night’s black bean and butternut squash burritos:

squashAnd frozen green beans!

green beansAnother delicious rose lemonade to drink:



dinner1Now I’m going to head over to Allen’s house to visit with his family and his grandparents, who are in from out of town. We are going to watch basketball. Tomorrow, I turn 20!


2 thoughts on “Birfday Celebrations

  1. 20!?! I remember when you were our little freshhhhhhhman girl in Français 3 😉 (boy, we got a lot of mileage out of that).
    Hey, I adooooooooore avocado, too! I order it added whenever I can.
    And… are you kidding? BRIE and mushroom soup?! Get out! That must have been fabulous. Ahhh… I do enjoy reading your blog, Ms Elise 🙂 I’m glad Allen gets you and caters to your food appreciation 🙂

    • I love it when you stop by the blog! And you should definitely check out Crushed Red. Make sure to check their menu and go on a day when they have the mushroom and brie soup because it was so good!

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