Good Times

Spring break has been great so far, even though I really haven’t done much. But that’s what makes a good break!

I’m starting to sleep in later, which is good for spring break but not good for next week! I woke up at 8:30 and was hungry for breakfast!

breakfast1Green smoothie to start the day off right.

smoothieIn the blender: 1 cup of light coconut milk, 1 cup of frozen kale, a banana and 1/3 cup of frozen pineapple. Tasted pretty tropical!

And for protein, toast with some Whole Foods 365 crunchy peanut butter.

toastCoffee to drink:



breakfast2After breakfast, I had a leisurely morning before heading to get a haircut at 11. I made it home in time for my favorite talk show, The Chew! It’s on at noon and I rarely get to watch it except on breaks.

Lunch was another recipe I really wanted to try: curry egg salad!

egg saladI mixed two hardboiled eggs with plain yogurt, dijon mustard, curry powder, green onion and golden raisins together for an amazing, flavorful lunch!

lunch1I stuffed the egg salad into pita pockets with some greens and avocado.

egg salad2On the side, I heated up some of my sweet potatoes with miso sauce.

sweet potoatosAnd blueberries for dessert!

blueberriesTo drink, I had this awesome mint green tea I picked up at Whole Foods. It’s only lightly sweetened and it’s SO GOOD. Must go back for more.



lunch2I enjoyed my delicious lunch and my favorite talk show and then headed to Bread Co to meet up with my friend Cassie. I had some tea and good conversation to round out my afternoon before headed back home.

Allen and I watched Jeopardy and then took another trip to the Apple store because Allen’s new phone was acting up. Another new iPhone later and we were back at home and I was fixing up dinner.

dinner2My first adventures with tempeh!

tempeh2I really wasn’t sure what to do with it, but I knew that it mimicked the texture of meat, so I decided at the last minute that barbecue would be the best choice. I marinated it in some lemon and lime juice, soy sauce and sesame oil, but I didn’t let it sit very long so I’m not sure if it affected the flavor.

I cooked it in olive oil until it was browned and then tossed it in a doctored barbecue sauce with store-bought sweet sauce, apple cider vinegar and sriracha.

To pair with my tempeh, I cooked some millet in my rice cooker and seasoned it with salt, parmesan cheese and dried rosemary.

tempeh1And some frozen green beans tossed in butter and salt.

green beansTo drink I had something really excited: rose lemonade.

lemonadeAnother fabulous Whole Foods find, this stuff is amazing. Floral and not too sweet, and slightly carbonated. FANTASTIC.

I also had some of my leftover sweet taters because they are so good.

dinner1Tonight we are watching The Voice and Smash and it’s a really great time! Tomorrow is birthday shopping and I am really excited!



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