Lazy Monday

Lazy Mondays are the best kinds of Mondays. They don’t happen too often but I enjoyed my Spring Break Monday immensely today.

I tried to sleep in but early morning wake-ups this weekend did me in…I was up a little after 7! I woke up hungry and still had pancakes on the brain.

blueberriesBlueberry pancakes!

breakfast1I mixed up pancakes for my mom and I using a whole grain pancake mix and fresh blueberries.

pancakesAnd scrambled eggs and cheese, for protein.

eggsAnd coffee to drink:



breakfast2I spent my morning watching some of the Today show and doing a little bit of chemistry homework. I really wanted to go for a run, but the snow is keeping me inside.

snow1The only sign of spring is this sad flag at our house:


I enjoyed taking some snowy pictures this morning:



snow3Snowy goose!

gooseOne nice thing about the snow is that it makes even cloudy days brighter! I had tons of natural light to shoot my lunch photos:

lunch3For lunch I made a delicious smoked trout salad! It was super simple: Trader Joe’s smoked trout, diced carrot, diced red bell pepper, scallion, mayonaise and dijon mustard.


Stuffed into pita pockets with greens and plenty of avocado.

avocadoServed with some tasty fruit: green grapes and more blueberries!




lunch1After lunch, Allen and I headed to Whole Foods for a little browsing and shopping. I got a lot of GREAT things! I love Whole Foods. You’ll be seeing some of the tasty purchases as the week goes on.

This afternoon we had a very scary thing happen: our cat Coco had a seizure after acting very strange all day. He is diabetic, and my mom took him to the emergency vet and it turns out his blood sugar was dangerously low. We are feeding him and watching him carefully, but luckily my mom had already made an appointment for tomorrow with our regular vet so we can figure out what to do!

For dinner I couldn’t decide what to have. I really really wanted to try this recipe from Daily Garnish for roasted sweet potatoes with miso sauce, so I roasted two big sweet potatoes and tossed them in the sauce. I had some with my dinner:

potatosI didn’t love the sauce by itself, but mixed with the sweet potatoes it was incredible! Such the perfect mix of sweet, salty and savory.

I also made a pita pizza with kalamata olives, artichoke hearts and anchovies. It was tasty and the anchovies were really salty!

pizzaTo round out the night I may grab a little dessert before Allen and I catch up on last night’s Once Upon a Time!


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