Snowy Spring

Quite the contradiction in terms, but that what we have here. Although I would love warm weather for this spring break, staying inside all day eating yummy food and watching basketball is pretty cozy.

I was up early at 7:30 because I told Allen I’d go with him to an early morning Apple store appointment (he cracked the glass on his phone.)

My brother had a friend spend the night and its sort of an unspoken tradition that we have donuts for breakfast the next morning. So donuts it was!

breakfast1In an attempt to bulk up this breakfast a bit, I scrambled two eggs with a bit of cheese:

eggsPaired with my favorite donut from my favorite place: the caramel donut!

caramelWe had a bit of coffee trauma this morning! I think the Keurig we’ve had for about 3 years is officially dead, so we had to brew an actual pot of coffee, which never happens on the weekends.

I did get my coffee though, which is a requirement for donuts.

coffeeAllen and I left for the mall at 8:30 and it was lightly snowing, but by the time we headed back home an hour later is was quite the storm! We were driving 35 on the highway and saw an SUV behind us spin out. It was pretty intense!

Once we were home, all was well and I hunkered down for a cozy day at home. I did go to the grocery store with my dad and brother (with my dad’s 4-wheel drive the roads weren’t bad) and it was pretty busy. People get crazy during snow storms!

I made a delicious lunch today!

lunch2Rice and beans bowl with brown rice and black beans underneath.

I made a simple carrot-sesame salad by peeling carrots into thin strips and letting them sit with apple cider vinegar, sugar, sesame oil and sesame seeds.

carrotsHalf of an avocado

avocado2And my tamagoyaki! Such a tasty lunch.

lunch1I spent the afternoon lounging, watching basketball and napping. There wasn’t much else to do since the snow came down literally all day. We probably got 10 inches but we may get even more before the night is through.

I made dinner around 7. It was a black bean day so I made black bean burgers!

burger2I used the basic recipe from Runner’s World for black bean and quinoa burgers, but we didn’t have an quinoa so I used cooked barley instead. It was a really delicious combo.

My meal was amazing and full of great nutrients!

dinner2My veggie burger had some greens on the bottom and was topped with swiss cheese.

burger1And of course there was avocado involved:

avocadoI hadn’t eaten any fruit all day, so I wanted to get some in with dinner. Smoothie to the rescue!

smoothieHalf of a banana, 1/2 cup of blueberries, some kefir and vanilla soy milk rounded this guy out. It was pretty tasty!

And I had a side of green beans, prepared simply on the stove top: frozen Trader Joe’s green beans cooked in a hot pot with a bit of water until the water evaporates and the beans are heated. I finished them with a little bit of butter and salt.

green beans


dinner1Tonight we are watching more basketball! Tomorrow I have absolutely no plans except for hopefully a leisurely trip to Whole Foods. Loving this snowy spring break.


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