Week of Freedom


Today has been a LONG day and I can’t believe I made it through! Looking back on this week, I’m can’t believe how much stuff I had to do. But now it’s all over and I did a pretty great job of getting everything done!

I woke up at 7:30 and got in the shower right away. Breakfast was a last-ditch effort to eat the food left in my room:

breakfast2Yogurt, my last kiwi and my last banana. The banana was definitely overripe and I didn’t really enjoy it. I ended up picking around the last few pieces of banana.

yogurtPeanut butter toast to finish my loaf of bread!

toastAnd coffee:



breakfast1After breakfast, I did some last-minute studying (aka memorizing) for my Comm Law exam and then finished up the last of my packing. I had a super efficient morning and headed over for my exam right after 10:30.

The exam was pretty good…it was basically word-for-word from the old tests she provided us, so since I had the answers memorized it went well. There were only a few questions I couldn’t remember, but all in all I’m happy with how it went.

I somehow made it through religious studies at noon, which was hard because I was SO ready to get out of town. But I lasted the whole class period and was free around 12:45! I rushed back to my room, packed up and headed to get a last-chance BAGEL for lunch:

bagel1Chocolate chip with peanut butter for lunch! Not sure why I haven’t tried this combo before because it was AWESOME.

And my standard everything bagel with salmon spread:

bagel2See that huge hunk of smoked salmon sticking out there? This was the GREATEST salmon spread mix I’ve ever had…big chunks of salmon and a higher salmon-to-cream cheese ratio than usual. Perfection!

I ate my lunch on the road and got home around 3:30. I headed to the grocery store at 4 with Ryan and got my grocery shopping out of the way for the week. I’m going to be eating WELL this week!

We hit up Trader Joe’s and I got some GOODIES:

caramelsThese are yummy! They’re chewy but not so chewy that the stick to your teeth. Yum!

almondsCinnamon almonds! They’re sort of like almonds with a cinnamon-y praline coating…so good!

And a side of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s baseball preview!!!! Even though March Madness is over for Mizzou, the Cardinals’ season starts in 10 days EXACTLY!

paper1Can’t. wait.

newspaperDinner tonight was fried rice! I didn’t want to do the traditional pasta-before-the-race thing, so I went with brown rice as my carb and worked from there.

I cooked a large chicken breast and three eggs as the protein:

proteinAnd then cooked carrots and onions for about 5 minutes before adding frozen chopped peppers, peas and edamame.


fried riceSeriously tasty.

rice2Tonight I’m going to probably nibble a little bit more (I’m still hungry) and then get to bed! Big race day tomorrow!


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