Spring Break Fever

Even though the weather doesn’t want you to know it, spring break is coming in less than 24 hours, so GET READY. Here’s what my to-do list is looking like tonight:

  • On-call shift Tuesday night
  • 3-mile run on Wednesday
  • Staff meeting Wednesday evening
  • Poli Sci exam Thursday
  • Comm Law exam Friday
  • Flute studio article due Friday
  • Pack up and drive 1.5 hours HOME

That’s right! It’s getting shorter. And tonight I have basketball to keep me company!

This morning, I got up at 6:30 and was feeling pretty energized. I had a small breakfast:

breakfast1The last of yet another cereal box. Operation eat-through-my-cereal is pretty much over.

cerealAnd an almost overripe banana. Only have one more of these left for breakfast tomorrow!



breakfast2After breakfast I had chemistry, which was pretty good. I’m feeling a little less lost, and I know what stuff is missing. I need to do a bit of memorization to get through this exam.

I had a nice break before lunch with Allen at 11, where I studied a little bit for my poli sci exam! I have been studying like CRAZY. Look at all of these note cards I made:

cardsI studied all through band and at some point I realized I left my blue book in my room! I have only taken one other exam with a blue book so I totally forgot about it. Luckily my superhero floor partner was in the building and swiped into my room and got it for the exam (we are in the same class.) THANK YOU KALEN FOR SAVING ME!

Oh, and if you don’t know what a blue book is, it’s basically a little notebook for an exam. It looks like this:

LARGEIMAGE_297806So anyways, I had my exam a 2 and I TOTALLY ROCKED IT! Honestly I think this was the best exam I have ever taken in college. I was 100% prepared. We had to review 6 different essay questions for the exam and one of them would be randomly selected and we got the BEST ONE! I was so happy.

After my exam I headed back to my room and was pretty hungry, so I had a snack:

snackCereal! A new box for today.

lifeAnd some yogurt with orange marmalade. Yum!

yogurtI met up with my friend Ciera for dinner and studying for our Comm Law test tomorrow. She helped me SO much because I’d been really focusing on my poli sci exam. I’m going to do more studying tonight.

I’m going to hunker down and get my flute article written tonight because I know if I don’t finish it now it will never be done! Then I will study a bit for Comm Law and get some good sleep! Almost there, Spring Break…


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