The Last Workout

Today marked my last workout of my 10K training! I’m excited to be officially done with the training but I’m a little nervous about my race. Luckily I don’t have much time to think about that until Friday at 1 p.m.!

For a Wednesday, it’s gone by pretty quickly. I was up at 7:15 after a very tame on-call night. Breakfast was some tasty fruit:

breakfast1Kiwi! I’m quite enjoying these.

kiwiAnd also some cereal. Finished two more boxes of cereal. I’m really getting through my stash.

breakfast2Coffee tasted really good this morning!

coffeeToday has been all about studying for my poli sci test! I made a million note cards throughout the day and I’m feeling pretty good about the test. Still going to go through the cards one more time!

I had class at 11 and noon and ate a peanut butter and banana sandwich during class so I could get my run in right after class. I headed to the Rec for 3 miles because the weather was COLD and WINDY today. I enjoyed my run Tina Fey on Katie Couric’s talke show!

After my run I did more note cards and had my staff meeting at 5, which was over in an hour. Allen met me at my hall for dinner…with Dad!

dadDad was in Columbia for the day for work so we got dinner at Flat Branch (my favorite, not quite theirs.) It was a fun dinner! We got some tasty appetizers:

chokes“Chokes and Cheese” dip, which is AMAZING. With some veggies for dipping.

And some pretty tasty fries with horseradish sauce:

friesFor dinner, I got a new dish, the smoked salmon salad. It’s not my favorite type of smoked salmon (lox) but it was still pretty yummy!

saladI only ate about half of this.

Tonight I’m watching Criminal Minds before doing a little more studying. Less than 48 hours before I am headed HOME!!!!


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