Tuesday Troubles

Today feels like Wednesday. It seems as if today, even at almost 9 p.m., is an insurmontable point in the week. I’m just letting the time tick by today because I don’t know how else to get through it.

I was up at 6:45 because of my lovely 8 a.m. chemistry class. Right now I am trying to eat through my cereal stash, so breakfast was cereal:

breakfast1A mix of cinnamon “Life” and bran flakes, with vanilla soy milk that I’m also trying to get through before the end of the week.

cereal1Banana on the side, packed in my bag and eaten later that morning during my 9 a.m. meeting.

bananaAnd some cloudy coffee:


breakfast2My morning was alright. The weather, although cold, feels like spring, so that made me happy! But chemistry is getting hard, and I’m worried that I’m getting behind. I had a short meeting at 9 and then headed back to my room before meeting Allen for lunch at 11.

I wasn’t very hungry at lunch because I ate a bagel around 9 (my floor had bagels this morning and I can’t turn down a bagel!) but around 1 my hunger came back STRONG. I barely made it through my 2 p.m. class! I ate an egg-and-cheese sandwich from Memorial Union and devoured it on my way back to my room. Still hungry, I made a major dent in my cereal stash:

cereal2Another box down!

Needless to say I wasn’t hungry for dinner for a while later, so I picked up some Bread Co. to eat later because I am on-call tonight and can’t leave the building after 8.

dinnerSierra turkey sandwich and a side salad. Pretty tasty but kind of onion-y! My room and breath smell…sorry Allen!



sandwichAnd also an iced green tea:

teaTonight Allen and I are watching Smash and I’m hoping for an easy on-call night!


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